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How can my friend come to Canada?

Q. I’m doing some initial research into what options are available for a friend of mine who is interested in moving to Canada. He has been here before as a visitor, is an athlete and martial arts instructor/trainer. He’s made plenty of contacts in Ontario in his field and, in fact, has been asked to stay in Ontario to help train competing teams. This is something that he is very interested in doing, but we are not sure if he qualifies or what process must be undertaken. I believe there is an opportunity in here somewhere for him but we are not certain what steps to take or how to identify that opportunity. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you.

A. Without knowing your friend’s educational background and work experience I may still safely assume your friend has a few options. Keeping in mind the Immigration Department’s proposed changes and latest trends in the immigration field, it seems that a job offer from one of the companies that were interested in your friend’s expertise might be the fastest track to Canada. Should the company want to hire him, a Labour Market Opinion from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is the first step to commence his application, followed by a Work Permit application. Once he gathers Canadian work experience, his permanent resident application will be much faster and easier to process. You do not indicate the country of citizenship or where your friend currently works, but there may be other opportunities offered under NAFTA or other venues depending upon country of birth. To learn more visit my website. Thank you for your question and good luck!

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