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HRSDC: Important Announcement!


Pursuant to a settlement agreement on the Henriksen #IMM-10668-12 litigation matter between Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and the applicant, the parties have agreed to form a working group for the purpose of designing a new Temporary Foreign Worker Program Directive outlining the policy with regard to the use by employers of third party representatives for Labour Market Opinions.

It is understood that this initiative would be in the context to a settlement of this specific file, HRSDC does not agree to use this process for all future Directives. The parties have agreed to include a representative from the Canadian Bar Association-Immigration Section and a representative from the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants in the working group.  At the conclusion of the working groups’ efforts, any directive will be made available for more broad based consultation.

Canadian Bar Association (National immigration Section) Representative: Kevin Zemp (Chair)

Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants Representative: Cobus Kriek

Counsel for Mr. Henriksen: Mario D. Bellissimo, C.S.

HRSDC Representatives: T.B.C.

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