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I Left Canada, Can I Still Apply?

Q. I came to Canada from Colombia on a Work Permit for one year. After working in Canada for one year on a full time position as a cabinet maker, I decided to go home where I stayed for 8 months. After that period of time, I returned to Canada on another work permit and worked part-time for six months. After six months, I succeeded in being employed full time for the past 10 months. I do not know whether I qualify or not to apply under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or does my being away for 8 months and also working part-time for a period of time disqualifies me?

A. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is likely the most asked about category every week. I assume because there are so many foreign students and workers in Canada who want to know their options. The legislation for CEC class, the foreign worker stream, takes into consideration work experience in Canada for the past 3 years immediately preceding the application. You worked in Canada for a total of 25 months (12 months plus 6 months part time equals equivalent of 3 month full time and more 10 months up to now), meaning that you seem to qualify for the CEC category. The fact that you were away for a period of 8 months does not affect your Canadian experience. The good news is that work experience can be part-time and non-continuous within that three year period as long as a person accumulates 12 months experience in a qualified occupation. Good luck!

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