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Implementing High Security in Canada

A discussion about investing approximately $12.1 million dollars for this new program is being made by the Canadian Immigration Ministers Jason Kenney.

The new talk in the Government is about biometrics, this includes digital fingerprints and photographs. It is in the near future that all Canadian visa applications will need to have biometric identification. This idea is to enhance the security by maintaining a database of all new comers. This will help the government know who is in the Country and at what time they arrived and departed.

This new proposal is not for all who enter the Country, but are specifically for people who apply for a Canadian visa to work, study or travel in Canada. Higher risk countries will have stricter security which potentially should keep Canadians safer. Keeping Canadians safer is first done by screening out people that are a danger to the society. With this new program it is strongly believed that Canadian citizens will be safer and the country as a whole will benefit in respect to security.

*Source: Immigration News 12 June 2009. 18 June 2009

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