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July 7, 2010

Increasing immigration to make Canada a world power?

Irvin Studin, a professor at the University of Toronto, believes that increasing Canada’s immigration would help Canada become a prominent world power. He claims that Canada is abundant in natural resources as well as having a stable government, therefore by pushing immigration to increase population would being much needed strategic power to the country.

An aggressive immigration policy, coupled with a proper distribution of the increased population would boost the country’s economy. An immigration expert from the University of Sydney commented that Canada’s long term immigration policy has been successful at achieving economic and demographic growth, with economic and humanitarian immigrants, and the subsequent entry of their family members.

Professor Robin Cohen, at Oxford University, said that Canada’s immigration strategies were usually the subject of praise. “In the UK, immigration policy has been over a number of years aligning itself with the policies of Canada, a country that is widely admired for ‘getting it right.’”

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