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Canadian Immigration Services

Canada is commonly recognized as one of the most desirable countries to live in throughout the world.

Thus, the flow of immigrants to Canada is especially strong. The Government of Canada responds to this flow with, and is guided by, the creation of policy objectives. These objectives include demographic goals in Canadian population, efforts to enrich the cultural and ethnic fabric of Canada with a view to its bilingual nature, family reunification and the need to uphold international legal obligations with respect to refugees, to list but a few.

These objectives are further defined through the development of immigration regulations. Some of the important regulations read as follows:

  • The purpose of the Immigration Act is to permit immigration not prevent its flow
  • The policy directives must be interpreted in positive terms
  • Applicants have the right to frame their application in a way that maximizes their chances for entry
  • The administration of immigration must be consistent with its objectives
  • Immigration officers must provide a thorough and fair assessment of applicants and provide adequate reasons for refusals when they occur

The interplay of the Act’s policy objectives and then immigration regulations, is a very important dynamic that must always be considered when framing applications.

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At BLG we look first to these key factors and then prepare and construct your application in the most favourable light, keeping in mind both the present considerations and then future concerns, an immigration officer may have when assessing the merits of your application.


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