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November 19, 2010

Introduction of the Preventing Trafficking, Abuse and Exploitation of Vulnerable Immigrants Act

On November 19, the Preventing Trafficking, Abuse, and Exploitation of Vulnerable Immigrants Act was introduced by the Government of Canada. The announcement of the act was made by Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, and Joy Smith, Member of Parliament for Kildonan St. Paul. This act seeks to protect vulnerable foreign workers, especially women who are targeted to work as exotic dancers, from exploitation and human trafficking.

Minister Ambrose is urging the rest of Canada to support the bill since this legislation will help end the dangerous victimization of vulnerable female members of society. Minister Ambrose states that women in all communities, despite their skills and education, should be treated with full respect and dignity.

This act empowers immigration officers to deny work permits to vulnerable foreign workers being sent to Canada to work in fields that are humiliating and degrading. These legislative changes will protect the vulnerable immigrants who are considered low-skilled labourers from abusive and exploitative situations.

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