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Canadian Skilled Worker Immigration

Is My Buffalo Application Still on Hold?

Q. My skilled worker independent application is on hold in Buffalo waiting what I believe is referred to as instructions from the Minister. I understand there recently has been an announcement in this area. Could you kindly provide some guidance?

A. The recent changes are not in reference to Bill C-50. Unfortunately your application will remain on hold in Buffalo as the Minister undertakes consultations with various stakeholders including the public, across Canada. The instructions are a hotly contested issue and thus it will take at least a few more months before they see print. As I wrote last week a new sub-class of the economic class has been put in place: the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). It is intended to cover the need expressed by so many employers who cannot find qualified workers among Canadians, for their companies. Graduating foreign students and current work permit holders in Canada will be the main applicants for this class. After extensive consultation on this issue the support was thunderous, as it facilitates the remaining in Canada of so many foreign students and foreign workers who came to Canada with dual intent: study and/or work and apply for permanent residency. It may come to pass that some applicants awaiting their skilled worker applications like you may turn to the CEC class if issues surrounding the Minister’s Instructions take a long time or exclude certain applicants. One thing is for certain though; this is a very interesting time in Canadian immigration. Thank you for your question!

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