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Join the Class Proceeding

Court Proceeding

Bellissimo Law Group and Campbell Cohen have filed a Test Case, a Certification Motion and argued a Stay Motion respectively. We and the hundreds of applicants we represent in this action feel very strongly that in abandoning these applications and dashing the hopes of all of these innocent individuals who applied in good faith and waited patiently all these years, the government is morally and ethically wrong. The important question though is whether it is also legally wrong. For the answer to that question applicants are entitled to a decision from the appropriate court.

Why Join the Class Proceeding

1. If we are successful in our legal proceedings it is possible that all affected individuals may benefit even without joining the litigation. However, this cannot be guaranteed. By joining us at this time you can be certain that your application will be included in any successful court decision or negotiated settlement that is reached with CIC.

2. Additional numbers of applicants directly challenging the law lets the Canadian government know that there are many affected persons who feel the law is unfair. The more applicants who are willing to take a stand against what they feel is legally wrong sends a stronger message to the Canadian government.

Can You Join?

  • If you submitted an application for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker category prior to 28 February 2008 (the APPLICATION) and the APPLICATION has not yet been disposed of by the Canadian Immigration Authorities you can join.
  • To pursue a Judicial Review in the Federal Court as part of a proposed Class Proceeding (the PROCEEDING) against the Government of Canada’s decision to terminate all applications similar to the APPLICATION you agree to pay Bellissimo Law Group $500 CAD as fees. These fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Please contact Joanna Mennie one of the lawyers at Bellissimo Law Group working with Mario D. Bellissimo on the PROCEEDING by e-mail at jm@bellissimolawgroup.com or by telephone Local:1.416.787.6505 or Toll Free: 1.877.787.8850 or via TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook.

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