June 9, 2008

Life and Times of an Immigration Lawyer . . .

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Sometimes it is interesting to reflect on the life and times of an imigration lawyer. I spent the day in landing interviews. These are final and determinative interviews of would be immigrants to Canada often at the end of a very long road. In two of the cases today the applications were nearly three years old and many sleepness nights went into the files.

I cannot express the full feeling of accomplishment when my clients receive their landing.

Today was one of those special days when the hard work paid off. The immigration officers were thorough and knowledgeable and asked the right questions. Canada’s family grew by a few today and in all cases these were individuals who are welcome additions to Canada. As for me, I feel like a proud father on graduation day.
Mark it as a good day in the life and times of this immigration lawyer.