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Family Class Sponsorships

Live in Caregiver versus Spousal Sponsorship

Q.I am working as a Live-in Caregiver (LIC) and planning to marry a Filipino Canadian citizen. Will I be a Canadian citizen too, or is it more advisable to get married after I get my permanent residence through the LIC program in order to get a clear status here in Canada? Thank you.

A. Your status is clear in Canada: you are a temporary worker under the LIC program, which allows you, after having worked for a period of two years as a LIC, within a three-year work period to apply and obtain permanent resident status. It is your right to marry and as he is a Canadian citizen, he may sponsor you immediately after marriage, by filing an In-Canada spousal sponsorship application. Usually this process takes under one year in CPC Vegreville. You do not indicate how long you have been working as a LICC, so I cannot estimate which process is faster for you, but usually sponsorships are the most expeditious. You still have to go through the process of obtaining permanent residence however as there is no automatic granting of citizenship. Good luck!

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