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15 December 2011

Live-in Caregivers Issued Open Work Permits Sooner!

Following a year-long investigation by the Toronto Star into the exploitation of foreign live-in caregivers, the federal government has reviewed files for all live-in caregivers who had met their obligations and submitted an application for permanent residence and decided to issue about 10,000 open work permits. These open work permits will allow live-in caregivers to move from one job to another after their employment commitment ends.

Until now, live-in caregivers had to wait for an initial approval on their application for permanent residence before being eligible for an open work permit allowing them to move out of their employer’s home and seek jobs in other fields, if that is their wish. The result of this new processing change is that Live-in caregivers can now obtain these work permits about 18 months sooner than before because they are eligible as soon as they have completed their obligations and submitted a compete application for permanent residence.

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