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Manitoba initiates law to protect temporary foreign workers

To combat unfair treatment of temporary foreign workers in these tough, economic times; the province of Manitoba has taken the initiative to protect these workers by implementing new regulations. The new legislation, Manitoba's Worker Recruitment and Protection Act, has been put in practice requiring all recruitment agencies to be licensed and registered by the province.

It is standard practice for recruitment agencies to charge the employer for finding foreign workers for them to hire. However, scrupulous and sometimes naive foreign workers are being taken advantage of. These workers, who are unfamiliar with our routine of business, are being charged by these recruitment agencies to find them jobs in Canada. This is illegal and it exploits temporary foreign workers who are simply looking for a job to support themselves.

The Worker Recruitment and Protection Act compels all recruitment agencies and employers who wish to hire temporary foreign workers to be registered by the province. It bans recruitment agencies from charging fees to foreign workers for finding them work. It also requires employers and recruitment agencies to submit detailed records about the name of the company for hire, up to date information of the worker as well as the job description and salary of the occupation. This benefits the worker as it is an insurance that their human rights and pay will be protected and also a way for the provincial government to keep record of the location and situations of the foreign workers. The legislation will also allow the government to penalize and reprimand companies for mistreatment of foreign workers.

This new law is definitely a step in the right direction to protect foreign workers. National organizations are asking for similar legislation to be employed by all provinces in Canada.

*Source: Canada Immigration News

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