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Mario D. Bellissimo Co-Authors Important New Work in the field of Immigration Law!

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Inadmissibility, particularly the consequences of criminality in immigration law, is a complex area of law. Therefore, this “Immigration Criminality and Inadmissibility” offers a practical and strategic guide, outlining and analyzing the legislative framework and jurisprudence in the area of criminality in immigration law as well as providing practical tips and tactics for legal counsel to manage their cases effectively.

This guide includes a comprehensive analysis of the statutory framework and impact of criminality upon different status holders under the IRPA. The authors outline the law on security violations, human international right violations, and organized crime. Additionally, the text provides analyses of the remedies available to address criminality in an immigration context as well as detailed annotated precedents based on real cases to assist in case building. The text conveniently supplies readers with criminal and immigration legislative reference charts and case law annotations. Discussions of detention and release, appeals, equivalency defences, judicial reviews, and stays under the Act are also included.

The chapter breakdown is as follows:

Chapter 1: Criminality and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Chapter 2: Removal Orders

Chapter 3: Citizens, Permanent Residents, and the Criminal Inadmissibility Process

Chapter 4: Protected Persons, Students, Workers, Visitors and Criminal Inadmissibility

Chapter 5: Immigration Offences, Detention and Release

Chapter 6: Removal Order Appeals & Equivalency

Chapter 7: Judicial Review & Stays of Removal Against IAD Removal Order Appeals

Chapter 8: Rehabilitation, Deemed Rehabilitation & Pardons

Chapter 9: Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications Temporary Resident Permits

Chapter 10: Strategies for Criminal Lawyers Representing Permanent Residents and Foreign Nationals

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