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Practical Tips

  1. Have a medical specialist assess the progression of the condition.
  2. Check if surgical intervention or other big budget costs have already been covered in the home country.
  3. Consider family history where appropriate.
  4. Ensure you have checked what social services are covered federally or provincially and what the opt out provisions are for same.
  5. Make use of both an administrative pricing medical specialist and a medical specialist for the health condition where necessary.
  6. Confirm the cost of drug therapy and if any other plans (i.e. different drug) could reduce costs.
  7. Review potential family contributions to the care of the individual.
  8. Consult appropriate and fact similar case law for guidance.
  9. Consider the timing and appropriateness of a section 24 TRP application.
  10. Ensure TRP requests are well documented and specifically addressed in your submission.

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