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Someone recommended to me two immigration law firms in Toronto. I hired one of them, then fired them a few days later when they showed themselves to be scrarily incompetent. Then I hired Bellissimo Law Group. I’m a lawyer myself, and I’m not easy to please, but I was impressed with how knowledgeable and efficient they are. In particular, they informed me of an important 2017 change in the law, something the other law firm didn’t mention. This episode reminded me that it matters which lawyers you choose. I would recommend Bellissimo Law Group.

-Ken A.

I used Bellissimo Law group for a complex matter. I had already consulted 2 other lawyers before I came to BLG. The diligence, patience and empathy they exhibited was truly unique. They have all the professional skills and more importantly they have empathy, probably the most essential thing you need.

– Umar Ghumman

The best words to express the way I feel about Bellissimo law group is phenomenal, I applied for permanent Residence under the express entry system my application was refused on the grounds of inadmissibility. So I decided to contact Bellissimo law group for legal advice, after Speaking to Miss Keely and Mr. Bellissimo I knew this was the type of Representing I want, they developed A plan that was Simple and Effective for me with Evidence that supports the Spirit of the law in my Case to CIC. 9 month later my passport was Requested by CIC now I Receive my visa and confirmation of Permanent Residence I would strongly recommend Bellissimo law group to anyone who requires legal advice and who is looking for a good Immigration law company in Canada. BIG THANK YOU!

-Kevin Gordon

Bellissimo Law Group became involved in our families immigration process for the purposes of an Application of Rehabilitation. Working with Keely Anderson and all other associates involved was an outstanding process. Ms. Anderson was attentive and fully involved during the whole process. Whatever issues or questions I may have had Ms. Anderson was always able to quickly answer and ease my mind. Our Application for Rehabilitation was granted and we will forever be appreciative of the Bellissimo Law Group and especially Ms. Keely Anderson.

-Andrea Boyle

I approached BLG to help me preparing a plan as an answer to procedural fairness letter from CIC related to my 6 years ASD daughter admissability due to excessive demand for social service.They are very professional with vast experience in similar cases and they employ there knowledge to direct me on the requirements to build a wining plan that eventually lead to CIC approval on my PR application and now we are in a happy newly landed family in metro Vancouver.

-Dheyaa Qaddo

Hi. I would like to thank everyone that was involved with our case. Also a special thanks to Keely, and Viola. I would recommend this law firm to anyone. The kindness showed is second to none. Bellissimo Law Group has made this a Christmas to remember. Thank you.

– Carl Groulx.

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Keely and the rest of the staff at Bellissimo Law Group. We received a “care letter” from Customs and Immigration Canada stating, according to CIC’s statistics, our son might be deemed ‘medically inadmissible’ because he posed a financial burden on the medical system. We had one month to reply

Our son was undergoing treatment for Leukemia, and he was doing quite well and was in no way the ‘financial burden’ CIC was suggesting. Keely really, I mean really, knows what she’s doing. She’s done this before, and it’s evident. She and her team filed for an extension and put together a rebuttal to CIC that point by point showed in actuality how our case was not what CIC was claiming it to be, and presented the facts as they were to give a clear, concise, and factual depiction of our son’s state. She and her team really did their homework – including getting information from the oncologist and all involved departments at BC Children’s Hospital.

We just received our “confirmation of Permanent Residence” in the mail, and we could not be happier with the outcome.

-Jesse R.

As a recent “Graduate” of the CIC express entry programme I look back with thanks to the team at Bellissimo Law without whose help I, together with my family, would be unlikely to have made it. Bellissimo’s expert held my hand through every step in the proceedings and  provided precise and clear details of the many CIC requirements.  Help and guidance with documentation was forthcoming at every stage in the proceedings and I was regularly updated as progress was made. The folk at Bellissimo are a pleasure to work with, professional, thorough and a safe pair of hands.

-Edward L.

I was introduced to Bellissimo Law Group by my Immigration Consultant as a specialist in the Medical Inadmissible field. Keely Anderson was assigned my case and she was very thorough in her planning of strategy to overcome the medical admissibility outlined in the Fairness Letter. The case was an intricate one that required extensive research and documentation. Keely Anderson was able to direct me to implement the plan and was efficient at responding to my questions and concerns. I can really attest that this firm really know immigration and has allowed me to achieve my dream of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada. It was a long tedious journey, but finally after six years and numerous submissions, there was victory! Thank you Keely Anderson for persisting and following up with CIC on my behalf.

-Lyndon P.

My Permanent Residency application was unfairly refused due to my daughter’s Medical condition. I felt helpless and almost gave up the immigration process until I was introduced to Bellissimo Law Group. The Lawyers in Bellissimo Law Group were thorough, tenacious, consistent and determined. After over 2 years of dedication and hard-work by the Law Firm, we finally got our Permanent Residence status. Special thanks to Erin Roth and Keely Anderson for their patience through my numerous e-mails and telephone calls.

– Atom Ojo

I would like to express my profound appreciation to Keely Anderson and the entire BLG team for their display of professionalism throughout the 7 years it took my family to get approval  for landing in Canada.

My case was a particularly complex and excruciating one since it was a case of medical inadmissibility occasioned by wrong diagnosis of my health condition. BLG fought a very tough legal battle on our matter for almost 4 years but finally it succeeded in getting this case overturned in court. I found the commitment, dedication and the unparalleled service and quick response from BLG very noteworthy.

I strongly recommend BLG to any family who desires quality service and solution to their immigration problems in Canada.

– Adebayo Adewu

Everyone told me that the chances of my rehabilitation application going through was slim to none. My case didn’t fit within the confines of the stated requirements for the application. With the help of Mrs. Anderson and her team in the Bellissimo Law Group, I now have an approval letter for my rehabilitation and I’m free to go to Canada for study and work. These guys are top-notch, would recommend to anyone in a similar situation.

– Marcelo Delgado

I would like to get this opportunity to deeply thank Ms. Keely Anderson, Mr. Mario Bellissimo and their team. With their dedication and effort, they successfully defended my son’s medical fairness letter regarding our permanent residence application. My wife and I greatly thankful for their professional help.

The specific plan they carefully prepared for my case accurately targeted the potential weakness in immigration arguments. We won the case within 14 month.

My wife and I are really happy that we chose Bellissimo Law Group.

Thank you again and again Ms. Keely Anderson and her team for helping us succeed in our case.

– Janaka Kiringoda and Nalini Weerasinghe

I and my family would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ms. Keely Anderson, her team and Bellissimo Law Group. Over an almost one-and-a-half-year battle, their dedicate efforts have successfully defended me from the medical fairness letter regarding my permanent residence application. I am greatly thankful to their professional and favourite help, not only because of the final success, but also the very comfort their rationalness and confidence imparted to me at the very beginning of my case. Thanks to their eminent meticulousness for paperwork and excellent communication skills, I have been feeling little stress or anxiety in regards to dealing with Immigration’s unpredicatable judgement. The specific plan they carefully devised for my case accurately target the potential weakness in Immigration’s arguments. After all, I am really happy that I have chosen Bellissimo and again appreciate their work and help.

– Hao Yin

I want it to be on record that you are indeed a professional to the core. I will be glad to recommend your excellent service to all and sundry. Your attention to details, willingness to work with clients and most importantly your professionalism in presenting a detailed response to medical fairness letter is equal to none. It is great working with you.

Thanks and may God bless the good work you are doing.

–  Olatundun Banji

I used Bellissimo Law group for a complex immigration matter that involved my family. I had already consulted 2 other lawyers before I came to BLG. I had very low expectations because of my previous experiences. All lawyers are able to tell you the process, the documents you need – the usual stuff. What was extremely unique about BLG was the human element. The diligence, patience and empathy they exhibited was truly unique. They kept us calm, regardless of what the outcome of the case would have been the only thing that I would have remembered was how we felt and we felt at ease even during the most tough times. You can probably get a lawyer in the city to do solve your immigration crisis but if you are looking for ‘real’ people who ‘get’ people, you should pick BLG. They have all the professional skills and more importantly they have empathy, probably the most essential thing you need.

– Umar Ghumman

Bellissimo Law Group is a very reputable organization. I hired them to prepare a response to the medical fairness letter we received from the embassy. The response the Bellissimo team produced exceeded my expectations! It was very very well done. The document contained lots of facts, evidence, and they also were able to pinpoint mistakes made by the embassy. Their team is very organized, they’re paying attention to all minor details, and when you start working with them you immediately see that they are very experienced and know Canadian immigration in-and-out. I highly recommend Bellissimo Law Group if you need help with any immigration-related situations. Thank you Mr. Bellissimo, Ms. Anderson and the rest of the Bellissimo group for working on my case.

– Denis Chernyavsky

I was referred to Bellissimo Law Group for my parent’s sponsorship by one of my colleague. We had received a fairness letter of medical inadmissibility from the Canadian Embassy. Their professionalism and expertise were second to none when I first contacted them. I worked with Ms. Keely Anderson who looked after my case. She is an excellent consultant and has a clear understanding of immigration and inadmissibility laws. Her whole team was very professional and did a wonderful job while we went through the sponsorship process. Thanks to Ms. Keely and her team, my parent’s sponsorship was approved. Thanks you and Bellissimo Law Group and Thank you Ms. Keely.

– Rahim Kassam

I used Bellissimo Law Group’s services to assist me with sponsoring my parents and my disabled sister. I started the sponsorship process on my own in 2007 and hired Bellissimo Law Group in June 2013 after receiving the Fairness Letter of Medical inadmissibility for my sister. Yesterday my parent’s case got approved and they are getting their immigrant visas next week. It took Bellissimo Law Group only 2 months to complete the process. After having been waiting for 6 long years it seems unbelievable. I am very impressed by the exceptional quality of service provided by Keely Anderson, Case Director, and her team.

– Elena Bassova

The process to sponsor my mother and younger brother to Canada began in May 2006.  Dec. 2011 the Canadian Embassy in Beijing informed us that the visas could be declined on the basis of my mother’s medical assessment.  During the immigration process, my mother had been diagnosed with an early stage lung cancer. In January 2012, we were referred to Bellisimo Law Group for assistance with an Embassy request for submission of reasons and evidence to show that my mother and brother do not represent a burden to the Canadian medical system.   Bellissimo Law Group submitted a medical case supporting the issue of the permanent resident visas and after numerous tests and documents, my mother and brother received their permanent resident visas. Bellisimo Law Group and our Case Director Keely Anderson handled the medical submission on our behalf perfectly.  Our case was handled professionally and with the best result.  We are very grateful to Bellisimo Law Group.

– Jolene Zhou

“I was sponsoring my family and initially was handling the case myself. At some point due to medical results and some miscommunication with Immigration our case was abruptly closed without any notification. Realizing that situation was beyond my control I decided to look for some help. Since a medical issue was involved I looked particularly for people who deal with such cases. I made some research and that’s how I learned about “Bellissimo Law Group”. As they started working on my case it was reopened in no time due to their efforts. Keely Anderson was assigned on the case. From that point to the very end everything was easy for me as the case was handled very well by Keely Anderson and her assistant. The case was successful and my family was issued visas. It’s the best testament to their work and professionalism.”

– Borys

“After a couple of years of waiting for our sponsorship application to go through, our family was devastated after finding out that my mother was not admitted to Canada due to a newly diagnosed medical condition. We were told that we could appeal this decision based on compassionate grounds, however we had no idea where to even start. Which is when we turned to Bellissimo Law Group for help. Keely Anderson was assigned to our case, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with.  We felt discouraged after realizing just how many medical, legal and financial documents were needed, from my mother and also from us. However Keely kept pushing for what was needed, even when we didn’t really understand the reasons. From our perspective, some documents were irrelevant, and without Keely’s persistence, who knows what the outcome would have been. The whole process took a few months, but because of Keely’s knowledge, patience and persistence, my mother now has her permanent residence visa and is scheduled to arrive in Canada in just over a month. This is a very exciting time for us and I just wanted to thank all of you involved in our case for helping to reunite our family!”

– Otilia & Victor Strateanu

“My partner and I moved to Canada in 2006 with a professional job and the intent to immigrate; as same-sex partners of US and European nationality, we were extremely limited in the nations that would accept us as a family. With an almost perfect score on the Points, a professional job in hand, and skills in a shortage industry we took it for granted that approval of our permanent residency application would be proforma. Unfortunately the medical exam led to a conclusion of medical inadmissibility based on cost; we faced being evicted from Canada and forced to separate after nearly 20 years together. We were referred to Mario, met with him and proceeded down a far-from-certain path towards a Temporary Residency with possibility of something better in the future.  As we developed our submittal it became more and more apparent that the initial ruling was ill-considered and that we had a valid case for PR.  Working with us, Mario and Keely assembled an extremely strong PR application refuting the medical assessment and demonstrating our financial and professional contribution to our Province and to Canada.  In September 2010 we were approved for permanent residency with no further question or process. We had no “Plan B’ for staying together if Canada had rejected us.  Mario and Keely gave us our life back and we are now planning a long and happy future in Canada.”


“Dear Mr Bellissimo, maybe you remember us. We had a telephone consulting from you sometimes last year. We are here on a work permit and our PR was still pending, when my wife got cancer. In the meantime she had a surgery and treatment in Switzerland (in Canada she may not have survived!!) and we had to send in twice an update on the medical report. The last one was that good, that we finally got granted the PR for the whole family. We just wanted to update you and thank you for the advice you gave us at the time. We are very happy that we could handle everything so smooth and will definitely recommend you to other immigrants should we hear about a similar case.”

-F. Luebke

“My husband was being deported and they told us we had only two weeks to stop the deportation. Ormston Bellissimo Rotenberg stopped the deportation and we are very happy and grateful.”

-Claudia Nuila

“Due to a criminal conviction some years ago, I found myself ineligible to enter Canada to take up a new job. Mario Bellissimo and his team ably and efficiently helped myself and my partner to prepare an application for temporary residency in Canada, as well as applications for work permits, a process that was significantly more complex than we initially expected. The expertise and knowledge of Mr. Bellissimo proved invaluable to our case, as did his ability to intervene directly on our behalf with CIC staff and offices. As a result of the hard work of Mr. Bellissimo and his staff, we were granted permission to enter and work in Canada, and have since both taken up exciting new positions here in Canada. We were extremely pleased with the service we received from all at Ormston, Bellissimo, Rotenberg.”

-Dr. Ian Ross, Victoria, B.C

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