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My Husband

Q. I am a Canadian Citizen for about 20 years, I married my husband 5 years ago and because of the economical situation I had not sent in his application for sponsorship. We had 2 kids together my daughter (that is not biologically his) and our 4 year old son. To speed up the process, he has gone back home, but I am afraid his application will be denied and we will be apart for too long. I have supported the family for about 7 years while he has been the stay-at- home dad. Do you think we may have problems with his application? Someone told me that Immigration will question situations like ours, because we waited too long to do the sponsorship.

A.  It is very difficult to predict the outcome of any application, without having the full picture of the matter.  As I read your narrative, many questions come to my mind, such as: why did you not make an In-Canada application if you wanted your husband to remain in Canada with you? Why did he go back home at this stage of the overseas spousal application while he was not asked for an interview yet? What has the economic situation to do with the spousal sponsorship, etc? Is it you could not afford the processing fees and/or are you on social assistance? So there are many question marks that remain unanswered.  The timing of your application should not raise too many questions if you are in a genuine relationship that may be documented (i.e. children being a strong indicator) and definitely is not a ground for a refusal on its own, but if you are on social assistance for example you may not be able to sponsor.  Thus, seek professional advice as more details will be required to undertake a proper analysis.  Good luck!

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