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Q. I am in Canada for six years and I have just a work permit. I failed refugee but now I apply for my papers because of my business and family. I have a good business and a wife and two kids born in Canada. I met a friend who had the same situation and he told me he solved his papers without any problems from Immigration. I went to see a lawyer and he said it was very difficult and a lot to do. My friend (neighbour) said the lawyer is making it more difficult to charge more money. I trust your advice from everything you write please help.

A. Although I do not know all the facts of your case, this is one of the most common statements from new clients going through the citizenship, immigration or refugee process. They have a neighbour or a friend, who was able to do it faster, without a problem and without any questions from Immigration Canada. As I tell my clients, if it could be done faster and without problems, why would any lawyer not want to deliver that result to you? The truth is that every case is different, laws and policy change quickly (sometimes even monthly) and people’s memories may not exactly remember all the key facts when they are telling you about their immigration experiences. To you, the situations could seem to be similar, when in fact; there are small differences that count: maybe your education and/or occupation differ, maybe your work experience is different, maybe you have a spouse and he does not, maybe your spouse has a different background than his, maybe he applied earlier in the process than you, etc.
It is a natural feeling to trust a neighbour or friend who you have known longer than a lawyer. But just as if you had cancer you would not go to a friend of yours to receive treatment from him just because he had cancer before, the same rule applies here. Listen to the professional and bring your friend along to the lawyer and he too can ask questions if it makes you feel more comfortable through the process. Good luck!

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