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December 3, 2010

New Evaluation Regarding Skilled Worker Immigrants

Canada is known for providing a variety of opportunities for individuals who wish to immigrate to start a new life. Individuals who have immigrated as skilled workers are one of the most highly-valued groups because of their contribution to the Canadian economy. A new evaluation has shown that these skilled workers are faring well under the current skilled worker program as they are filling jobs in the Canadian workforce.

The top predictor of economic success for skilled immigrants is already having a job arranged in Canada when applying. Second to that is one’s ability to speak English and French and previous Canadian work experience. Skilled immigrants selected under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act criteria had an income that was 65% higher than those under the pre-IRPA system. The group of skilled workers that fared the best of all were the ones who already had a job offer when applying for permanent residence.

Emphasis is now being put on younger workers who are capable of making positive contributions to the Canadian economy. Aside from younger workers, the program is also working towards improving immigrants’ fluency in French and English. Minister Jason Kenney is committed to improving the program and consulting any changes that need to be made to better suit the skilled immigrant group.


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