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31 August 2011

New Interactive Web Tool for Immigrants

The new interactive Web tool, The Come to Canada Wizard, launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada is proving its success through its high number of visits on a regular basis. This new tool provides a series of questions regarding users’ background and qualifications and matches their responses with the best suited federal immigration option. One of advantages of this system is that it is friendly user, as stated by users who are using this system.

The system obtains information from users by probing questions relating to the immigration process; hence, the users will get the best suited results at the end of the process. However, it doesn’t end at that. The system also breaks down the application process for the specific federal immigration option, providing instructions and forms for those who wish to get started on the process.

The Come to Canada Web tool makes it easier for potential immigrants to gain an understanding of the immigration process and what is the best option for them. At this rate, more than a million users will benefit from such a Web tool.


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