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New Names on ‘CBSA Most-Wanted’ List!


The Canada Border Services Agency has added 30 individuals sought for removal from Canada to its “most wanted” list. The updated list contains 42 names, photos and description of why the person is sought for deportation.  These people are in Canada illegally and have been found inadmissible to Canada by the legal system.

Since the start of the campaign, CBSA has received 225 calls from the public to its telephone hotlines which has helped locate fifteen people in Canada and four abroad, and to date, seven have been deported. Minister Jason Kenney said “This demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach of co-operating with the public to identify people who are here illegally.”

According to the website, “To date, as a result of CBSA’s Wanted List program, Canadians have assisted the CBSA in locating 15 individuals in Canada and four individuals abroad who are inadmissible to Canada. In addition, the CBSA has removed seven of these individuals from Canada.“

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