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Parental Sponsorship

Q: I am in the process of sponsoring my parents from Russia. I recently received a Letter of Acknowledgment from the Case Processing Center in Mississauga. I am fairly certain I qualify as a sponsor but what would I do in the event I was refused? Could my parents be refused even if I am approved as a sponsor?

A: If you do not qualify for sponsorship, you have the option to withdraw your application, by writing immediately to CPC Mississauga, before they transfer the file for overseas processing. You may then obtain a refund of the processing fees that you submitted with your application. In this case you do not have the right to appeal the refusal to the Immigration and Refugee Board, Appeal Division (IRB-IAD) but to the Federal Court of Canada. If you succeed in solving the problem regarding your ineligibility, you may then apply again.

If you are deemed eligible it is still a possibility that your parents may be refused on different grounds, including:

  • one or both of your parents are inadmissible on health grounds – meaning their health will impose a high price on the Canadian health care system;
  • one or both of your parents have a criminal record that makes them inadmissible;
  • the relationship between you and the sponsored persons is not genuine;
  • you did not provide all the required documentation in time;
  • you do not meet the financial requirements when they are ready to be approved.

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