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Ottawa Being Sued By Canadian Woman That Was Stranded In Kenya

Suaad Hagi Mohamud is finally home after her three-month ordeal with the Canadian government who claimed that she was an imposter and would not let her return home. Mohamud is suing the Canadian government for 2.5 million dollars on the basis that "officials deliberately and/.or negligently" failed to conduct a competent investigation on her identity.

The Canadian woman was stranded in Kenya after Kenyan airport officials raised doubts regarding the authenticity of her passport. The issue was concerning the size of her lips; they did not match her passport photos. Mohamud provided her passport, driver's licence, OHIP card, citizenship certificate, receipts from Toronto stores, all together 12 pieces of identification and offered fingerprints to prove her identity.

However, Canadian consular officials voided her passport and allowed Kenyan officials to prosecute her. In a letter to Kenyan immigration services, the Canadian High Commission said it carried out "conclusive investigations" and confirmed she was an "impostor."

She was charged and jailed for eight days, which she slept next to murders, before she was released on a $2,500 bail. Mohamud was charge with possessing and using a passport issued to another person and being unlawfully present in the country

Mohamud was ultimately cleared of her charges after DNA tests proved her identity. The genetics test revealed that it is 99.99% likely that she is the mother of her 12-year-old Toronto son.

Premier McGuinty is outraged Federal Government's course of action and expressed his concerns at a press conference: "Something is fundamentally wrong when we can't count on the Canadian government to stand up for Canadians – I'm not sure I can put it any more directly than that. Canadians expect their government to help them when they're in distress, no matter where they are, that didn't happen in this particular circumstance, and there's no excuse for that."

CIC is undertaking this initiative in partnership with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and with the assistance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).



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