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Passport Applications

As of July 1st, 2013, changes will take place for Canadian passports including:

  • A new fee structure;
  • A ten-year passport available for applicants age 16 and over;
  • Enhanced security in the new ePassport.


Current passports being issued are valid for five (5) years; however, if your passport expired less than a year ago, you may be eligible for a renewal application. Other specifications for eligibility of passport renewal are:

  • You were at least 16 years old when you previously applied;
  • The name on your current application matches exactly the name on page 2 of the submitted passport;
  • The submitted passport is not damaged and has never been reported lost or stolen.


It is important to notify Passport Canada immediately should your passport be lost or stolen.

In the event that you have been refused issue of a passport, your passport is revoked and/or you have been refused passport services, you may appeal and seek judicial review of the decision in Federal Court. Here at Bellissimo Law Group we pride ourselves on being one of the leading law firms that deal with refusals and litigation.

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