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Express Entry

I was referred to Mr. Bellissimo to assist with an immigration question that none of the other 4 or 5 lawyers I called could assist with. Mr. Bellissimo helped me in the most expeditious, efficient, and ethical manner possible. As a result of his wonderful advice, I am a permanent resident today. Words cannot express how Mr. Bellissimo went above and beyond to help me, and words cannot express my gratitude to him and his law firm. Every interaction I had with him and his staff was professional, efficient, and pleasant. The lawyers that I spoke with prior to finding my way to Mr. Bellissimo held him in the highest regard, and I can’t agree more. If you need immigration advice, look no further.

-Aminah C.

I booked a consultation with Bellissimo Law Group after seeing their ad on the subway. I met with Mr. Bellissimo and I have to say I was very satisfied with the consultation, he really took the time to listen to me and gave me great advice. Even though I do not qualify at the moment, I will be taking his services in the next couple of months to assist me with my immigration. I would definitely recommend this law firm, very professional!

-Jenny Zhu

I have been dealing with Bellissimo for years. Their professionalism and great knowledge of the field really helped me and my family. Joanna has been exceptionally patient, efficient and her great experience and insight were very valuable. I would highly recommend Bellissimo’s service to anyone who has issues with immigration.

-Kelly Xu

Thank You Bellissimo law group for making my dream of becoming a Canadian come true. My family and I cant thank you enough.

-Arjun Patel

The best words to express the way I feel about Bellissimo law group is phenomenal, I applied for permanent Residence under the express entry system my application was refused on the grounds of inadmissibility. So I decided to contact Bellissimo law group for legal advice, after Speaking to Miss Keely and Mr. Bellissimo I knew this was the type of Representing I want, they developed A plan that was Simple and Effective for me with Evidence that supports the Spirit of the law in my Case to CIC. 9 month later my passport was Requested by CIC now I Receive my visa and confirmation of Permanent Residence I would strongly recommend Bellissimo law group to anyone who requires legal advice and who is looking for a good Immigration law company in Canada. BIG THANK YOU!

-Kevin Gordon

 I am now a Permanent Resident thanks to Bellissimo Law group. I would like to express my gratitude to this team for overlooking my immigration case and handling it successfully.

-Maria Cecilia Jimenez

While dealing with BLG I find their service excellent and professional, the team didn’t give any false information /promises and handled my needs to my full satisfaction. Their accounting was very transparent /fair. I much thank the team & wish them all the best.

-Sadreddin Fereiduni

I would like to thank the entire team at Bellissimo Law group for getting my immigration sorted out! I had multiple immigration applications in process and all of them succeeded! My personal compliments to Mr. Christopher Collette who had been the most resourceful person in guiding me through all the processes. Ms. Lee was also an immense source of guidance. In all it was a great experience with a happy ending to the long story!

-Sonali Thaker

My permanent resident application was approved! I cannot thank Chi from Bellissimo Law Group enough for all their guidance and support throughout the entire process.Chi and her team are very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate and gave me confidence and peace of mind. Every penny that I spent was worth it at the end, the whole process went smoothly. After 15 months I can now proudly say I am a permanent resident of Canada! I highly recommend Bellissimo Law Group to anyone who needs help with their immigration matter.

-Patsy Liaw

Bellissimo Law Group helped me a lot with my case. I definitely recommend Bellissimo Law Group, they’re so determined and focused to help people in need. I don’t have legal papers for about 2 years, my work permit was expired and I was so worried that I would get deported and my PR status was on hold. I worked under the table so I can survive. Without any proper guidance, I let my documents expire. Until I received letter from Immigration, that’s the time that I decided to seek some help to those who know how to deal with everything. Then I found Bellissimo Law Group. I am so thankful with them because they helped me with everything. In less than a year I got my new open work permit and I am now working legally, not under the table anymore. A few weeks later my Permanent Residence application got approved. As of this moment, I am now a Permanent Resident of Canada and hopefully soon will be a Canadian Citizen. Thanks Bellissimo Law Group for helping me. I hope you can help more people. God Bless!

-May Ann Gernan

My permanent resident application was recently approved! When I felt hopeless and thought I would have to go back to my home country, a friend referred me to Bellissimo Law Group. I cannot thank Bellissimo Law Group enough for all their guidance and support throughout the entire process. Mr. Bellissimo and his team are very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate and gave me confidence and peace of mind. Every penny that I spent was worth it at the end, I can now proudly say I am a permanent resident of Canada! I highly recommend Bellissimo Law Group to anyone who needs help with their immigration matter.

-Juliana M.

I have been so glad and happy that finally I got my PR. Its been a great pleasure and honour for your great hard work and your company. I thank you everything for such a tremendous hard work in dealing my immigration issues. I won’t forget for all the hard works. And count me on that someday if someone needs advice or help especially immigration matters I would suggest or recommend Bellissimo Law Group. Thanks whole heartedly.

-Maribel M.

We had a very complicated immigration case, however Bellisimo Law Group helped us reissue our expired nomination letter and obtain our immigration visa.
They were very professional and helpful.
I recommend their service to those looking for help with their immigration process.

Special thanks to Chi-Young Lee

-Hala A.

I have been very Fortunate to be able to get under Guidance of Viola Gniadek and her Team from Bellissimo Law Group For my CEC application. Viola and her team has constantly helped me Throughout my Process. Her Team is extremely Hard working, Very professional, Accurate, and Knowlegeable. These guys are very much up-to-date with whats happening, what rules have changed with citizenship and immigration. They Had All the answer and perfect solutions to all my questions and Queries. I cannot thank enough to Viola and her team. Without your efforts and hardwork for my case I would have never been in Canada with my PR. Big THANK YOU

– Puja P.

I can only have good reviews regarding Bellissimo Law Group. My case is complicated and they helped me solve it and become a Permanent Resident in less than a year. The professionalism and hard work of the Bellissimo team has helped me towards my case. I want to ask Mrs Lee for her work and Viola Gniadek for all the support, advices and amount of work she has provided throughout my case. I am thankful of all what you have done and cannot forget where I was when I first met you guys and where I am now (I am a Permanent Resident and thats thanks to you). I will refer any person I know and in need for immigration help to Bellissimo Law group in the future. Thanks again for everything that you have done. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

-Brahim S.

My wife and I thoroughly appreciated the thoroughness including accuracy of information needed to complete all forms. Our Bellissimo representative Viola Gniadek really knew her work and her knowledge, congeniality, and commitment to success really made us comfortable. She laid out the different steps of the process at the beginning and was very upfront about timelines and other things to expect along the way. I would most definitely go back to Bellissimo again should such services be required.

– Gerry Smith

I am a long-time client of Bellissimo Law Group and have been recently granted permanent residence status in Canada. My immigration story is a rollercoaster ride, with unimaginable obstacles at every step. I started as a student and after 7 years ended up as permanent resident in Canada.

Immigration cases are different than any other kind of legal issues, which you may face in this country. It is essential to have an expert on your side to deal with the CIC. You must have trust in your lawyer in order to deal with any sort of legal issues. In immigration matters, your lawyer should be knowledgeable enough to evaluate every aspect of your life, and they must have an excellent understanding of you in order to deal with your immigration case. The BLG, undoubtedly, are definitely what they claim to be: “leading immigration lawyers” in Canada.

When I first went into BLG’s office in 2009 and met with Mr. Mario Bellissimo, I was not sure if I would ever be able to live in Canada as I had long list of complicated issues and was facing many inadmissibilities. I was interviewed by many different public safety institutions at multiple occasions. His esteemed self assured me that my case was in the best of hands and referred me to one of his firm’s best lawyers, Ms. Erin Roth – The Genie.

In the many years of my interaction with Erin, I have always found her to be extremely professional, an excellent researcher, problem solver, critical decision maker, and humble. She provided me with tailored support and exhibited excellent attention to detail. Her ability to connect with me at the human level helped us to find important missing pieces in my immigration case. She has always analyzed my problems objectively and provided solutions under the light of her expert knowledge of immigration law. She resolved all my issues with immigration in a most excellent and professional manner. She guided me on each and every step of this process and prepared me well to deal with all sort of immigration interviews and hearings. In my time of need, I was never disappointed by her. She is truly the best lawyer I have ever met in my life. Thank you Erin for helping me, this day would not be possible without your sincere efforts.

I also extend my gratitude to Mr. Mario Bellissimo, who agreed to actively pursue my immigration case, and who helped resolved major complicated issues in it.

I am also thankful to all of the other firm members, whose collective efforts have brought positive and meaningful results in my case.

-Syed Waqas H.

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for your help over the last few years with my PR card renewal and the citizenship application process. I do apologize that it’s taken me a while to write this email but it doesn’t diminish how grateful I am. It feels so good to have come to the end of my immigration journey and feel so much more secure in my life here, and I don’t believe I could have done it without your help.

Thanks again!

– Meisha B.

Immigration process is never easy for any country. The personal service I received from my account executive Viola, was priceless! The entire anxiety of this process was removed by her knowledge and by the very professional services offered by Bellissimo Law Group. From submission of my application, to my immigration ceremony, it took only 16 months. This is the best firm to use for all matters related to immigration.

– Michael Wilson

My wife just received her Permanent Resident Card a few moments ago by mail… and now it all seems so official. Very happy with the service we received!

Big thanks to Viola Gniadek for guiding us step-by-step through this process, and for always being available to answer my never-ending stream of questions…

Here’s a basic timeline of our story, as I know other this tends to be a prevalent question for many newcomers to Canada:

06/2014 … Married in Canada
07/2014 … Filed paperwork with Bellissimo Law Group
10/2014 … Spousal Sponsorship approved
04/2015 … Permanent Resident application approved
05/2015 … My wife became a Permanent Resident
08/2015 … Permanent Resident Card received

All-in-all, it took about 13 months from the time we filed the paperwork to have the card in hand… which beat any of the estimates we researched prior to hiring Bellissimo Law Group.

The service we received was fast, attentive, effective, and professional.

Highly recommended.

– Brent Jones 

As a single child who never planned on leaving my home country, bringing my parents to Canada where my home and family has now been for the last 15 years was crucial. After five years of paperwork, anxiety and waiting, we hit a major bump in the road that meant that all our efforts until then were for nothing. Knowing that we had one last chance to turn my parents’ application around, we contacted the Bellissimo group. That changed everything for us.

We would like to thank you, the Bellissimo team, for your professionalism and promptitude, for your solid documentation and relevant facts that made the case so strong. We were impressed with the whole process and, despite the stressful situation, working with you was a great experience. Thank you again. Your work makes a difference in people’s lives and it changed the future of our family tremendously.

– A happy and grateful reunited family from Victoria, BC

After a previous immigration lawyer left our family facing deportation through no fault of our own, Mario Bellissimo agreed to take on our case. His team were professional and courteous as they explained the process every step of the way, and brought our case to a successful conclusion of permanent residence. Without Bellissimo Law Group we may never have realised our dream of becoming Canadians and providing our children with a better future.

– Jane Scognamillo

Over the years I have used BLG for various services ranging from work permit to permanent residence and dealing with issues with medical inadmissibility. Simply, there is nobody else I would ever consider using for any immigration matter. These people know the immigration laws like the backs of their hands and know how CIC operate. They are absolute experts in what they do and they get results. Had a very stressful situation last year with a work permit that was expiring and my employer had made a mess of the LMO. BLG dealt with the situation in a calm, professional and totally dedicated manner and got my work permit. They are the best at what they do. They treat you with kindness and compassion and are always there when you need them. Absolutely cannot recommend them highly enough, and thanks to them for close to 8 years of ongoing help, last night I landed at the border as a permanent resident.

– Garry Lewis

Michelle / Viola helped me get through the hassles of PR paper work and made it a smooth sailing for me from the time I signed up. They were very empathetic and also very knowledgeable and advised me on every step of my paper work. Its worth more than all the money I spent as I knew my paper work was in safe hands. Thank you guys, though I ended up randomly at your office for guidance, I am a very happy client and never regretted my decision of starting my paper work at your office. Now the results prove it. Thanks again!!!

– Rajganapathy S N

I am deeply grateful for the service provided by Viola Gniadek, her team and Bellissimo law group. I approached them a little over two years ago. Back then all hope was lost in attaining my permanent residence. My first consultation was with Viola and I still remember how she reassured me that she will do her best to help me reach that goal. They shared some of the psychological burden I was experiencing living in uncertainty. And that is more valuable than the important legal advice they provided. I was a student back then and they even went further to offer me a payment plan and discount out of the goodness of their heart. They were highly professional, detail oriented and efficient through out the processing of my permanent residence. They really care about their clients more than the business itself. I highly recommend them! Thank you Viola and Bellissimo!!!!!

– D. Tessema

I recently switched my legal representative to Bellissimo. I could not be more pleased, my file was handled with care and respect and the lawyer on my file made a compelling argument on my behalf, leading to a drastically reduced processing time after many years of waiting. In addition, after having used a number of immigration law firms in Toronto, I would say that Bellissimo is very competitive on costs/fees. I would say that if you are not getting the results or attention you hope for, try these guys/girls out.

– Tyron Breytenbach

Our PR process has finally completed. We would like to thank you for your immense support and help. We both are glad that we contacted you for this process because nobody else could have done it in a better way. The way you did your job is really admirable and now on we are surely going to recommend your name to others.

Thanks once again for managing everything in best possible way.

– M & S

Dear Mr. Bellissimo,

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to express my gratitude for all you have done for my family. After many years of unprofessional “lawyers” I had to leave Canada and start immigration process from the very beginning. At the end I submitted my Federal Skilled Worker application on my own and it was rejected.

I came across your law firm and despite that my situation was not easy, you took over my case and shed the last touch of hope that I will someday go back to the loveliest country in the world.

Today I received Permanent Residence Visas for my family and me. I truly thank God for the outstanding services that Bellissimo Law Group provided us, which is why they are known as the best in immigration in Canada.

I am also deeply grateful for having Ms. Keely Anderson as the director of my case. Her high level of professionalism, honesty, generosity helped us to find the strength in my situation and get a positive decision. During this whole process she was on top of the situation, submitted all necessary documents on time, and provided me with the best advice. It was a real pleasure to deal with Keely.

I would admit that I don’t know what we’d do without you, you’re simply the only immigration lawyer we trust and I look forward to using your outstanding services for future immigration needs.

– Nadiya Andreychuk

Dear all at Bellissimo Law Group,

Canada has been a longed for dream for many years, actually since the 1980s.

When it was time to apply for permanent residence in Canada, & although at the government site they say you don’t need to have a lawyer or a representative, I felt I wanted to be sure that all would go fine and on the right track with the assisstance of professional help. After search for trustable lawyers on the internet, I found the Bellissimo Law Group among others. Our choice then was on the Bellissimo Law Group & our choice was a blessing.

We found all the expertise, the up to date knowledge & information, the professional & personal support in the times of great worries. I could say that in all of there sure to be a busy schedule & good number of clients, we didn’t feel we were just a number, but we were people opting for a new good future & treated by professional people who cared. They were of God’s hands working on our case till the end.

Their covering letter accompanying our application, touched me personally as they explained & talked about our case as if it  were me writing which means they have fully understood & absorbed everything our case.

We now got our passports back with the visas on with God’s Grace & the help of the Bellissimo Law Group & can’t thank them enough.

I thank Mr. Mario Bellissimo who was very welcoming during our interview call & his honest, sincere & very up to date professional advice on our case.

My special thanks to Michelle & to Brankica for their help & support all this time till their letters of congratulations. I’m deeply touched. The personal connection developed from my part to them is beyond words.

Bellissimo Law Group, please accept our deepest thanks & our best regards,

Bellissimo Law Group, I wish you all the best.

Thank you all,
– Ragia Hetata

“I would like to thank with all my heart THE BELLISSIMO LAW GROUP for helping me in my application for permanent resident here in Canada. Now my kids will have a chance for a better future and we are greatly relieved from the tragic incidents that we had experienced from the past. My family especially my mother sends her sincerest gratitude to Mr. Mario Bellissimo and Ms. Violetta Gniadek for all the help they had extended to me and my kids. Thank you very very much.”

– Arlene

“I would like to thank the professionalism and attention to detail that staff at the Bellissimo Law Group has exhibited in my case. My case is approved in under a year, which is a testament to how good the Bellissimo Law Group is at immigration cases. A big thank you!”

– Robin

“I and my family got approved for permanent residency under Canadian Experience Class. We are extremely satisfied with the high quality service provided by Mr. Bellissimo and his team mates.

We could highly recommend the new applicants to utilize Mr. Bellissimo’s service to get the best result for each hard earned money you spend.”

– John, Varghese and Family

“We came to Canada thinking that becoming permanent residents was almost impossible under our circumstances.  Staff and lawyers of Bellissimo Law Group provided us with an outstanding support from the first moment we established contact with them until we finally became permanent residents, which is literally a miracle.  The level of professionalism demonstrated by the firm is second to none.  We were given legal advice bearing in mind that we are people of a certain age.  Empathy was always part of the way in which our case was approached.  We would recommend this firm to anybody who needs legal support tailored to the individual case no matter how complex that case might be.  Thank you for everything you have done for us and we sincerely say this from the bottom of our hearts.”

-Elisabeta & Dashamir Hajderi

“I came to Canada on a Student Visa in order to obtain my Masters of Law degree.  I got a job as soon as I graduated from the University.  I initially had no intentions of staying in Canada, but life and work were so great.  I love living in this city!  I thought about becoming a permanent resident, so I looked for a lawyer and came across an article published by Mario Bellissimo.  I liked it so I contacted his law firm.  As a lawyer myself, I realized that I was dealing with professional lawyers and staff.  They helped me through the whole process and at all times I felt they were there for me.  I finally got my passport back with my permanent residency visa.  I just need to make a small trip out of Canada to re-enter again as a landed immigrant.  No more work permit renewals!  I am so happy and so grateful.  Congratulations to such a marvellous team!”

-Alexandra Alvarado-Bowen, LL.B, LL.M

“We received a letter on Friday 26th 2010 from immigration – Buffalo stating that our application for permanent residence in Canada is now complete and that we must now send our passports to them. We would just like to thank you and all your staff for all that you have done for us in getting our PERMANENT RESIDENCY.”

-S Van Leeuwen

We struggled for 4 years to become permanent residents in Canada and literally went from lawyer to lawyer without success. We were at the end of our tether when we were referred to Mr.Bellissimo – we were landed 20 days after a telephone consultation with him. Unbelievable. We were very impressed with the professional, efficient service and remain extremely grateful for a job well done.”

-Fouch and Wilna Williams.

Dear Mr. Bellissimo,

Just a note to express my most sincere appreciation for all of the co-operation and support both you and your associates provided me with during a very difficult time in my life.  Your professional assistance in helping me obtain my landed immigrant status is certainly a turning point in my life!

I now have the possibility to enjoy my retirement alongside my family and look forward to many happy and memorable years ahead. Thank you so very much!

Yours Respectfully,

Gianluca Provenzano

After a long and difficult battle, we finally received our Immigration Visa’s. A very Big Thank you to Bellissimo Law Group especially to Keely  and Brankica as without you guys this would never be possible.  Kindly convey my special thank you and a big GOD BLESS to  Mr. Mario Bellissimo as well !  We will soon be reunited with our family in Canada and are very excited about it.

We recommend Bellissimo Law Group to all those who are in need for a certified qualified professional lawyer.  They are a group of highly professional, dedicated and committed team and we were always impressed on their prompt replies to queries and other issues.

Keep up the good work !

Best regards

G. M and Family

“When I came to Canada in the year 2000, I thought that immigration will not be a problem for me and wont take much time to get. Well, what I have realized now is that immigration is one of the hardest things which I had to go through in life. I spent a lot of money on different lawyers, which have all failed application after application. I also realized how important it is to hire a lawyer who will be prepared when the hearing date comes up and who will actually put up a fight for their client. I am very thankful to you for helping so much with my case and my sons, when we were on the brink of being deported and when our chances of staying in Canada were very slight, your advice and work were critical in getting us to stay while our application was processed. Your work exceeded my expectations and it also by far exceeds the work that was done by my previous legal representatives. I have finally got my permanent resident status in November of 2009. It is now 2010. And after 10 years the only thing I am finally waiting for now, is my permanent resident card to arrive in the mail. I see how important it is to be properly represented. I wish I would have came to you earlier, I am sure this would not have been so agonizing if you were representing me from the beginning. I would like to thank you again and will always recommend your services.”

-Alla Nezhivenko

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