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Permanent Residence 

Permanent Residence Application under Live-in Caregiver Program

Q.  I’m working in Canada as a live-in caregiver and about to submit my application for permanent residency by July. I have a Filipino boyfriend working in Singapore where I met him. We are in a relationship for almost 8 years. We never married because he was married in the Philippines and the marriage was not annulled. We never lived together because as a domestic worker in Singapore I had to stay with my employer. Financially we help each other and both our families by sending them money, reciprocally (me to his family and vice-versa). It is almost like we are a married couple we just do not have the paper. I would like to include him on my permanent residence application, but I wonder whether it is all right and I am confused also about a conjugal partner and common law partner. Please, I am desperate for advice

A.  Your situation is quite complex because you have never lived together.  A common law relationship for immigration purposes requires one year of cohabitation and so you will not qualify under this category.  With respect to conjugal partners, you must demonstrate that you have been in a committed and mutually interdependent relationship for at least one year where there exists a clear obstacle to cohabitation or marriage.  Conjugal relationships are not easy to prove.  In addition, because your partner remains married you would require clear evidence that he is living separate and apart from his wife and their marriage is at an end.   Seek immediate assistance to explore your options. Good luck!

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