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Pier 21 – Canada's Immigration Museum is officially a national museum

On Canada Day this year, our nation has gained another national museum. Pier 21 is well known for telling the story of all immigration to Canada; it serves to celebrate Canada's rich culture and diversity.

Pier 21 is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. According to CBC Canada, Pier 21 was voted, among 1 million Canadians, to be one of the seven wonders of Canada. The museum once served as the port of entry for those immigrants arriving by sea. It hosted over one million immigrants during its 50 some-years operation as an immigration office and the Eastern doorway to Canada

On the museum 10th anniversary, Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared Pier 27 as a national museum. It is one of only two national museums outside Ottawa. He named it "Canada's National Immigration Museum." The federal government will give the museum 15 million dollars to improve its exhibits and update operations.

Prime Minister Harper announced that "Pier 21 symbolizes who we are – a nation of newcomers, newcomers bonded together by a common quest for freedom, democracy and opportunity… No country in the world has benefited more than Canada from free and open immigration."


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