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Permanent Residence 

Provincial Nominee Program Certificates

Q. My PNP certificate is about to expire and I was wondering if there is a policy regarding the requirement to obtain a new PNP certificate prior to its expiry? If so, what is the policy and how long should the PNP certificate be valid for? If not, why are we requested to provide such document?

A. The validity period and expiry date of a PNP certificate is the sole purview of the nominating province or territory.

Expiry dates are noted on the approval letter from the nominating province/territory that applicants submit with their permanent residence application to the visa office. The applicant is responsible for submitting their application for permanent residence under the PNP to the appropriate visa office within the timeframe specified by the nominating province/territory.

PNP certificates must be valid on the date of application submission. If the PNP certificate expired before the application submission date, the visa office will return the application to the applicant indicating that the reason for the return is the expiry of the nomination. In such cases, the applicant must re-apply to the province/territory, obtain an updated and valid PNP certificate, and submit a new application for permanent residence under the PNP to the appropriate visa office.

If the PNP certificate is valid on the date of application submission, and the applicant has submitted a complete application, the visa office will honour the certificate throughout processing of the permanent residence application under the PNP.

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