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June 25, 2010

Processing Times Lowered for Skilled Immigrants

A study has shown that the processing time for skilled applicant visas has dropped from 50 months to 26 months from 2005 to 2009. This decline is mainly due to a federal legislation implemented in 2008 to speed up the handling of foreign workers with job skills needed in Canada, which is list of 38 designated occupations. They are given preference over those without experience in these areas.

However, the progress of reuniting families has not increased at the same rate. Liberals and New Democrats have long accused the Harper government of giving family reunification short shrift in the quest to lure highly skilled and educated people to Canada. Toronto MP Olivia Chow, the NDP immigration critic, said many immigrants have been waiting five or more years to have their parents accepted in Canada.

“So, yes, if you’re part of the 38 professional categories, it’s faster,” she said. “But Canadians need their loved ones in Canada.”

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