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Deportations and Illegal Immigration

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) Applicant

Q. My cousin is doing his Pre Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) now prior to being deported.  He went through the refugee claimant process and he was refused.  He came with his mother and little brother to Canada. I have heard that there is little chance to get accepted. My cousin just started an apprenticeship program and he attends to some courses at the college. Can they do something else in order to get the permanent residence?  Or at least is there any other way for my cousin to get the permanent residency during the PRRA process?

A. No, unfortunately, it is unlikely any of your family members would receive permanent resident status while in Canada.  Your estimation is correct in that PRRA applications are rarely approved (less than 3%) and imminent removal from Canada is likely.  PRRA applications deal with risk to life and not humanitarian and establishment factors that you list above.  Most applications for permanent residency must be submitted outside Canada, with very few exceptions and it appears your relatives would not fall into an excepted category. We often hear about the abuse of the refugee system but the greatest abuse is to those that make refugee claims, fail and do not realize the very serious and lasting consequences when they apply.  Good luck!

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