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Recession Not Effecting Us

Quoted by our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, " We have no plans in Canada, nor are we under pressure, to reduce immigration in any way during the recession".

Instead of pulling the plug on businesses Canada is doing the exact opposite. Due to the uproar of the recession that came upon this country many businesses have been laying off employees and filing for bankruptcy. Immigration remains strong for Canada, and this country is in great need for foreign workers. British Columbia and Alberta alone are determined to let in approximately 600,000 foreign workers in the next five years. To make Canada's economy stronger relies mainly on the labour force and the amount of immigrants being accepted for this purpose.

For reasons such as the gross slump in the worldwide economic industry Canada's Immigration Minister, Jason Keney has full authority to alter any immigration legislation to best answer to the Canada's labour market. Under this need for skilled workers, a list has been created of thirty-eight qualifying occupations that are targeted which will make it easier to be accepted under this category.

Subject to the new and growing legislations it is crucial for those wanting to apply for a skilled worker to apply as soon as possible. Because of the new government regulations it might be harder to apply as such if procrastinated.

*Source: "Canadian Immigration Newsletter." Canada to maintain immigration levels for 2009, though requirements may change. 2009. 19 May 2009 http://www.cicnews.com/2009/04/canada-maintain-immigration-levels-2009-requirements-change-04710.html

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