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Has your case been refused?

Have you been refused in Canada or overseas?
Are you a Refused Refugee or Facing Deportation?
Do you believe you have received an unfair decision?
Have you been refused permanent or temporary entry to Canada? Citizenship? PR Card? Refugee Status?

We can help

We represent hundreds of clients every year at the Federal Court of Canada, the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration Division and the Refugee Protection Division.

At BLG we pride ourselves on being one of the leading law firms that deal with refusals and litigation. We represent individuals and companies dealing with all refusals including family class, deportations, residency cases, citizenship and refugee matters. In this section we set out some basic considerations at the two main institutions that deal with immigration, citizenship and refugee appeals, leave and related court actions – the Immigration Appeal Division and the Federal Court of Canada.


5 Immediate Steps for Legal Representatives

Key Preparatory Tips

Federal Court Procedure

Immigration Appeal Division

Refugee Appeal Division

Immigration Division

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