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Breaking Immigration News

March 2017 

What is Implied Status?

Express Entry Draw #57 Results: 3,749 Invitations Issued on March 24

Now That I Have Declared My Criminal Record What Happens at a Secondary Examination?

“Global Talent” Pilot Stream

Do I have to Declare My Criminal Record When I Enter Canada Even if I am Not Asked?

Express Entry Draw #56 Results: 3,884 Invitations Issued on March 1

February 2017 

Express Entry Draw #55 Results: 3,611 Invitations Issued on February 22

Federal Court of Appeal Finds an Incomplete Application is Not an Application!

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Common Visa Officer Errors in Work Permit Refusals

Express Entry Draw #54 Results: 3,664 Invitations Issued on February 8

January 2017 

Three New Reasons to Consider Atlantic Immigration

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen

Canada Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Canadian Citizenship

MP Ahmed Hussen Becomes Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in Reshuffle by PM Justin Trudeau

New Financial Threshold for Medical Inadmissibility Announced

December 2016

Express Entry Draw #50 Results: 2,878 Invitations Issued on December 22

Updates to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Elimination of Four-year Cumulative Duration

Express Entry Draw #49 Results: 1,936 Invitations Issued on December 16

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program: Changes to the Application Process

Early Electronic Travel Authorization Enrolment for Mexican Citizens

November 2016 

Express Entry Draw #48 Results: 559 Invitations Issued on November 30

Express Entry Draw #47 Results: 2,427 Invitations Issued on November 16

Canada’s Fall 2016 Economic Statement May Lead to Faster Work Permits

Express Entry Amendments Published

Updated National Occupational Classification 2016

Express Entry Draw #46 Results: 2,080 Invitations Issued on November 2

Canada to Lift Visa Requirements for Romanian and Bulgarian Citizens Effective December 1, 2017

October 2016 

2017 Immigration Plan

Negative Messaging About Immigration Representatives Must Change

Immigration Misrepresentation Cases on the Rise!

Express Entry Draw #45 Results: 1,804 Invitations Issued on October 19

Canada’s New Entry Requirements

Canadian Immigration: Lead or Supporting Role in Canada’s Future Economic Plan?

Express Entry Draw #44 Results: 1,518 Invitations Issued on October 12

Bellissimo Law Group Recipient of Prestigious 2016 National Pro Bono Award!

Study Finds Canada Now More in Favour of Assimilation Than United States

September 2016 

Changes to Owners/Operators LMIA Applications

Express Entry Draw #43 Results: 1,288 Invitations Issued on September 21

Canadian Immigration Further Extends Leniency Period for eTA Enforcement

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Required Starting 30 September 2016

Screening for “Anti-Canadian Values” is Anti-Canadian

Procedural Fairness: One Letter is not Always Enough

Express Entry Draw #42 Results: 1,000 Invitations Issued on September 7

Express Entry – Why People Should Not be Surprised

August 2016 

Express Entry Draw #41 Results: 750 Invitations Issued on August 24

Minister Seeks to Increase Immigration to Canada

Is Your Electronic Device Password CBSA-Proof?

Linking Paper Applications to Online MyCIC Accounts

Express Entry Draw #40 Results: 754 Invitations Issued on August 10

IRB Releases Information for Bondspersons

Families Caught in the Waiting Game: Minister McCallum Calls Current Wait Times “unacceptable”

Should We Send Immigration Officers Back to School?

July 2016

Express Entry Draw #39 Results: 755 Invitations Issued on July 27

Update to the Study Permit Instructions

Top 5 Mistakes in Medical Inadmissibility Immigration Cases

Canada’s Atlantic Provinces: Fishing for New Immigrants

Express Entry Draw #38 Results: 747 Invitations Issued on July 13

Facilitated Travel Between Canada and Mexico – Visa Requirements to be Lifted

CIC Advises Clients About Potential Canada Post Disruption

Criminal Charges and the Immigration Consequences for Permanent Residents

June 2016

Express Entry Draw #37 Results: 773 Invitations Issued on June 29

Parlez-vous français?

Should I Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)?

Express Entry Draw #36 Results: 752 Invitations Issued on June 15

Post- U.S. election immigration: Empty promises

Express Entry Draw #35 Results: 762 Invitations Issued on June 01

May 2016 

International Mobility Program (IMP) Mobilité Francophone

Best Interests of the (Unborn) Child

Challenging Refused/Negative Labour Market Impact Assessments at Federal Court

Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program – 2016 Caps Met for Select, High-Volume Streams

Express Entry Draw #33 Results: 799 Invitations Issued on May 6

Lack of Immigration Status and In Canada Spousal Sponsorship Applications

Detecting and Preventing Fraud in the Canadian Citizenship Program – Is it a Big Problem? Ten Important Questions

Can Divorce or Separation Affect Your Permanent Residence Status?

April 2016

IRCC’s 2016 Immigration Plan

Express Entry Draw #32 Results: 1018 Invitations Issued on April 20

What are Retroactive and Retrospective Laws in Immigration Appeals?

Express Entry at a Glance: Year-End Report

Bridging Open Work Permits and Express Entry

Express Entry Draw #31 Results: 954 Invitations Issued on April 6

Tightening the Safety Net on Refugee Claim Appeals

Challenging Refused Immigration Visa Applications – What to Expect?

March 2016 

Permanent Residence Options for International Students

Goodbye CIC, Hello IRCC: Winds of Change In Immigration Law and Policy

Nova Scotia Wants More Immigrants

A Dash of Common Sense for Government Communication Policy: Lim v. Canada 2016 FC 217

Express Entry Draw #29 Results: 1,013 Invitations Issued on March 9th

25,000 Syrian Refugees Have Arrived in Canada. What’s Next?

Canadian Employer Compliance Regime: Ten Important Questions!

New Month, New Rules: eTAs to Take Effect March 15!


February 2016

Express Entry Draw #28 Results: 1,484 Invitations Issued on February 24th

Amendments To Citizenship Act Proposed by McCallum

New Citizenship Revocation Regime Challenged in Federal Court

Parliamentary Committee to Review Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Express Entry Draw #27 Results: 1,505 Invitations Issued on February 10th

Additional Administrative Change to be Implemented by IAD

Changes to Canadian Citizenship: Coming Soon!

One Year of Express Entry Draws – The Numbers


January 2016

OINP: Open for Business

Express Entry Draw #25 Results: 1,518 Invitations Issued on January 13th

Express Entry Draw #24 Results: 1,463 Invitations Issued on January 6th

2016 Parent and Grandparent Program


December 2015

Open Work Permit Pilot Program for Inland Sponsorships Extended

Express Entry Draw #23 Results: 1,503 Invitations Issued on December 18

Electronic Travel Authorizations Set to Take Effect Shortly!

Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Announces Air Travel Changes

Resettlement for Syrian Refugees Underway, but not without Challenges


November 2015

Parent and Grandparent Program set to reopen 4 January 2016

Temporary Pause on OINP “Base” Stream Applications

In-Canada Spousal Sponsorships: Pilot Project for Open work permits due to expire 22 December 2015

Liberal Cabinet Announced: John McCallum is Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister!

CIC Introduces the Employer Portal


October 2015

How Will Canada’s New Liberal Government Impact Immigration?

Express Entry Draw #19 Results: 1,502 Invitations Issued on October 23rd

Tight On Time: 2016 Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship Spots to Fill Fast!

Express Entry Draw #18 Results: 1,530 Invitations Issued on October 3rd


September 2015

Federal Court of Appeal Agrees that Niqab Ban in Citizenship Ceremonies is Unlawful

Express Entry Draw #17 Results: 1,545 Invitations Issued on September 19

Temporary Pause on B.C. and Alberta PNP

An Image Speaks a Thousand Words – The Tragedy of Young Alan Kurdi and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Express Entry Draw #16 Results: 1,517 Invitations Issued on September 08


August 2015

Express Entry Draw #15 Results: 1,523 Invitations Issued on August 22

Latest Express Entry Draw Results: 1, 402 Invitations Issued on August 8

The Midway Mark: Express Entry Statistics Revealed


July 2015

CIC’s New eTA Takes Flight

Appeal Bar for Certain Refugee Claimants Stuck Down as Discriminatory!

Latest Express Entry Draw Results: 1, 581 Invitations Issued on July 18

High Refusal Rates for LMIA Applications

Another Reason to Celebrate: CIC Brings in Birthday Rules!

Latest Express Entry Draw Results: 1, 516 Invitations Issued on July 11

Saskatchewan: Adding Express Entry Candidates to its Imports


June 2015

Changes to Work Permit Policies Affect Some Ontario Provincial Nominees

Latest Express Entry Draw Results: 1, 575 Invitations Issued on June 27

Changes to Spousal Sponsorship Eligibility

The Birth of Ontario PNP Express Entry Streams

New Rules on Acquiring Canadian Citizenship

5 Serious Legal Questions Being Decided by the Federal Court of Appeal

Citizenship Revocation Provisions Now in Force!

New Judge Appointed to the Federal Court


May 2015

Updates Introduced to the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act

Changes to the Bridging Open Work Permit Category

Latest Express Entry Draw: 1,361 Invitations Issued on May 22nd, 2015

Interim Federal Health Care Reforms (2012): An Consideration of Some Policy Rationales

Federal Government Announces Amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

LMIA Exempt work permits: No longer a free ride for Employers

Appointment of New Judge at The Federal Court

New LMIA Rules


April 2015

Life after an ITA

Latest Express Entry Draw: 925 Invitations Issued on April 10th, 2015

4-In, 4-Out Rule for Temporary Foreign Workers Comes into Effect


March 2015

Latest Express Entry Draw: 1,637 Invitations Issued on March 27th, 2015

Latest Express Entry Draw: 1620 Invitations Issued on March 20th, 2015

Beware: Laws on Sharing Citizens & Immigrants’ Personal Information Raises Many Questions That Have Not Been Answered!!

Federal Court Applications – to settle or not to settle?

Citizenship Changes: In Force or Yet to Come?

Welcoming Long-Term Multiple-Entry Visas for Canadian Travellers to China

Latest Express Entry Draw: 1620 Invitations Issued on March 20th, 2015


February 2015

Latest Express Entry Draw: 1187 Invitations Issued on February 27th, 2015

Federal Court Announcement

Is Express Entry (EE) Really Accessible to Anyone Without an LMIA/Nomination? We have only seen the tip of the iceberg!

Latest Express Entry Draw: 849 Invitations Issued on February 20th, 2015

Educational Credential Assessments – the need for a verified “credential”

Misrepresentation and Materiality – What Many People Don’t Know!

Educational Credential Assessments – the need for a verified “credential”

Express Entry Draw: 779 Invitations Issued on February 7,2015!

Federal Court of Appeal Considers Refugee Health Care

Express Entry Inaugural Draw: First Impressions Do Matter!


January 2015

Collateral Consequences and Bill C-24

Assisted Voluntary Return Program for Failed Refugee Claimants a Costly and “Questionable” Endeavour

Citizenship Act Changes – Time to Move Quickly!

Canadian Government Pledges to Resettle 10,000 Additional Refugees Over Next 36 Months

2015 Immigration Plan

Immigration Processing at Vegreville Personified! Interesting…

Launch of Express Entry British Columbia helps streamline immigration for skilled workers

Iraqi Refugee Claimants Facing Threats from ISIS and Militias

Happy 2015 Canada! What a Year it will be . . .


December 2014

Misrepresentation – Fight or Flight?

What is the Long Term Vision of Express Entry – the Evolution of Canada’s New Immigration System?

Serious Criminality & Access to the Immigration Appeal Division

Parent and Grandparent Program to Reopen January 2015

CIC: Work Permits will be Available for Spouses and Common-Law Partners Living in Canada

Comprehensive look at Canada’s new Express Entry Immigration System!

New Immigrant Investor Pilot Program Will Launch January 2015!

Filling in the Details on Express Entry…


November 2014

Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program – 2014 caps met

22nd Annual Immigration Law Summit Next Week – A Must Attend!

Recent Changes to the Live-in Caregiver Program

The Immigration Express Entry Train: Will it be on Time? | Part II

Highest Professional Recognition / Featured In