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Revised Work Permit

Q:  Currently I live in Toronto, I am from UK and have been employed full time for the 14 months in Canada.  My work permit is valid until June 2013. My work permit is issued for a position that my employer offered me.  I would like to open a business to run in my spare time. The nature of the business is the import of electrical goods from the UK to  sell in Canada. Can you please advise if I would be in breach of my current work permit should I set up a business and if so what I can do to formally apply for a revised work permit?

A.     Yes, you would be in breach of your current work permit.  From what you describe your permit authorizes you to work for a specific employer, position and location. Your employer underwent the process of obtaining a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) so that you could apply to work at the company.  You cannot engage in any other employment without a specific approval for that company to hire a foreign worker. Therefore, if you want to set up your own company, you should apply for a Labour Market Opinion and explain what you intend to do.  There are specific considerations for a start-up company.  I would consult legal counsel before taking any steps. Good luck!

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