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Saskatchewan's plan to strenghten their economy

Saskatchewan is hopeful that the province's new enterprises will generate more jobs and renew communities. Saskatchewan government has been continuously pursuing the title of Canada's immigration destination. They have contributed considerable investments toward immigration settlement programs and also their Provincial Nomination Program.

The focus is on entrepreneur immigrants and skilled worker program candidates; the province prepares to invest an additional $2.69 million dollar to further improve settlement and integration. One of the ways that the province plans to improve the existing program is to promote and encourage new entrepreneurs to purchase businesses in the province. New entrepreneurs will also be able to connect with Saskatchewan business owners who are almost retired to understand business ownership and possibly inherit their establishments.

The province also plans to increase the number of nominees through their Provincial Nomination Program. They plan to nominate 250 entrepreneurs over the next two years and 3,400 individuals for fast-track Canadian Permanent Residency. They are aiming to introduce this new application process in October, 2009. Saskatchewan Immigration Minister Rob Norris believes that this will be a tremendous step into investing in the province's future. He believes that "Ultimately, our plan is about neighbours, not numbers. Immigrants do much more than increase our population; they help create more diverse, dynamic and cosmopolitan communities, while strengthening our labour market, stimulating economic investment and creating jobs."

Saskatchewan is at its highest population level in over 20 years. This is largely owed to the newcomers who chose Saskatchewan as their new home.



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