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Refugee Protection

The Canadian Experience Class is Here!

Q. I heard about a new program for Immigration. I am here for two years waiting for my refugee trial but do not have my papers yet. Can I apply?

A. You are referring to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)introduced very recently as Immigration Regulations but there has been discussion around this program for the last year. To be clear and contrary to some stories that are circulating this program does not assist persons without immigration status in Canada. Some of the highlights include: Lawful employment in Canada for at least one year (post-graduate student) within the last two years in a full-time position (at least 37.5 hours/week) or equivalent of part-time or at least two years for work permit holders; Work experience after graduating in Canada from a full-time educational or training program (at least 15 hours/week) that was at least two years in length; The educational program could also be a one-year post-graduate degree, within the last two years of obtaining a two-year program mentioned above; English and/or French language capacity tested by an independent third party organization, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS); The new regulations have the intention of helping those who studied in Canada and worked for some time, or, those who worked in Canada in different trades, even though they do not have much education, to remain in Canada and fill the needs of their trade. In line with this was also the relaxing of the language requirements, as some of the trades people do not have the language abilities required under the current legislation. Interestingly there is no point mark to meet applicants are either “accepted” or “refused”. This looks to be a promising program but not for those without status. Thank you for your question.

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