October 21, 2014

The Immigration Express Entry Train: Will it be on Time?

Posted by Mario Bellissimo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

We are now just under a few months away from purported implementation by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) of the new Express Entry (EE) System for economic migrants. The system is a 2-stage active immigration process whereby interested applicants will first submit an EE form online through the CIC website. CIC then assesses these potential applicants against specific eligibility criteria which are yet to be disclosed. Potential applicants who are deemed to have met the eligibility criteria are entered into a pool of candidates. Those candidates whose profiles and attributes align with the identified needs of the government, as well as, it seems, certain Canadian employers, will be issued an “invitation to apply” (ITA). Only those candidates who receive invitations can then proceed to apply for permanent residence.

Will it be implemented by January 2015?

Similar systems are in use in New Zealand since 2003 and Australia since 2012 so I have taken a look at these systems in brief, for cues and clues of what we may expect, set out questions and concerns, while ultimately trying to answer a key question – whose interests will be best expressed and satisfied in this new system?  I will be writing a few blogs over the next few months with my findings.  Stay posted!

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