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This Week’s Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Mario D. Bellissimo’s Answer:

A. Unfortunately, a letter from your supervisor will not be grounds to a re-open a file. Once a decision is made, Immigration Canada is very reluctant to re-open a case, unless there are compelling factors.  Your case is further complicated as you are a failed refugee claimant and likely were subject to a deportation order and are inadmissible to Canada. Even if you qualify for immigration under any of the categories currently in force, you will need, aside from an immigrant visa, an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC).  An ARC is special permission from Immigration Canada to overcome what is a lifetime ban – deportation order.  In addition, as of June 26, your occupation is no longer on the designated occupations list.  In short, you have many obstacles to deal with and should consult a professional.  Good luck!

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