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December 29, 2010

Toronto Student Faces Imminent Deportation

Daniel Garcia and his sister Brenda arrived in Canada and claimed refugee status three years ago. Their claim was rejected in December, 2009 and Daniel then filled out the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment. He claims he received no response from immigration authorities, however, they assert that they mailed out a decision months ago.

The 18-year old Toronto high school student was arrested and detained by immigration on Thursday, December 24th and has been in custody ever since. His sister, who was arrested as well, was deported back to Mexico on Monday, December 27th.

Daniel’s detention review took place on Tuesday morning and his bid to be released was unsuccessful. His next hearing is scheduled for January 4th, 2011 however he may not be in attendance since CBSA is preparing to have him deported to Mexico within a few days.

Daniel’s friends, students and teachers have all rallied in support for him and are urging the Government to allow him to stay in Canada and obtain permanent residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.


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