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Q. I read with interest your weekly 24 Hours column related to immigration. My question is: as a retired Canadian who would like to travel to the United States, how long can I stay in that country before having to return to Canada?

A: Your question does not mention whether you are a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident.  This is key because there is a huge difference between the two categories. As a Canadian citizen, retired or not, there are no restrictions on your travel as it relates to your status.  You may be abroad for as long as you wish and will not lose your citizenship.  There are other non-immigration issues that you may want to consider re non-resident status for tax purposes etc.    If you are a Canadian permanent resident,  you have to be mindful of complying with the residency obligations, meaning you cannot not be outside of Canada for more than three years in any given five year period, lest you lose your resident status.  Exceptions such as working abroad for a Canadian company clearly do not apply to you as a retiree.  In either category though there is great flexibility.  Good luck and safe travels

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