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February 10, 2011

Visa Cuts

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is planning to cut visas for family reunification in 2011. There will be a reduction from 230450 in 2010 to 217800 in 2011 – an overall drop of 5%. Some feel that this reduction in visas will have a significant impact on the Asian and South Asian communities since the reunification with family members, especially with parents and grandparents, is a traditional and important aspect to the Asian culture. With the new cut, seniors will now have to wait at least 13 years before being granted their visa.

Along with the decreases in family-reunification visas, there will be slight increases in visas issued to business immigrants, such as entrepreneurs and wealthy investors. Although the Asia/Pacific visa quotas are reduced, there has been an increase given to the city of Beijing. Johanne Nadeau, spokeswoman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, stated that the visa targets are only a means to help allocate scarce resources and manage applications and minimize processing delays.


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