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December 31, 2010

Visa Fees Required for Canadian Visitors to U.A.E

Canada, who was amongst one of the 30 nations that were not required to pay a visa fee to visit U.A.E., is now required to pay up to $1000 when visiting U.A.E. Canadians who wish to visit for 30 days (single entry) will be charged $250 while a three-month visa will cost $500 and a six-month multiple entry visa will cost $1000. The six-month multiple entry visa grants Canadian visitors a maximum stay of only 14 days during each visit.

It is highly possible that the diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and the U.A.E. rendered the high visa fees that were once waived for Canadian travellers. As of January 2nd, Canadians will be required to obtain a visa ahead of travel.


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