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June 1, 2010

Waiving the Mexican visa requirement?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s trip to Canada last week most likely focused on ridding the rule that requires Mexicans to obtain visitors’ visas before travelling to Canada.

Canada’s Conservative government introduced the visa requirement in July last year to stem a wave of what it called bogus refugee claims. The amount of claims rose from 2,550 to 9,309 last year from Mexico, but only 10 percent were accepted as legitimate.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes that the refugee policies in Canada and the long process before actual deportation are to blame. Once the new bill passes, Canada hopes to lift the visa restrictions on Mexico.

Mr. Calderon is also lobbying for Mexico to be deemed ‘safe’ so that canada’s borders would be open to Mexican travelers. That way, most Mexican asylum-seekers would be quickly sent home, so the visas wouldn’t be needed.

Click here for the full Globe and Mail article.

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