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Work Involved

  • Review of the immigration file, the law, including all relevant legislation and case law;
  • Application to the Privacy Commission; application to Ottawa for the GCMS notes;
  • To collect all relevant materials related to the client’s immigration history and assess chances of a successful application at the Federal Court;
  • Preparation of case strategy;
  • To pursue all other reasonable and appropriate appeal remedies and all work incidental thereto including the filing a notice of application, supporting affidavits, to cross-examine the visa officer overseas by telephone, collection of case law and evidence to support the case; to compose legal and factual argument; to prepare books of argument, evidence and case law.
  • Other unexpected circumstances are motions. For example, if the visa officer on cross examination promises a copy of a document but then does not produce a copy or is taking too long the Applicant would bring a motion at the Federal Court to seek an order to have the officer produce the document.

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