April 21, 2017

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future: Earth Day 2017

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

This Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day, a day in which people celebrate the beautiful green space that surrounds us! Each year, over one billion people get involved across the globe, making Earth Day the largest civic observance in the world.

This year, the theme for Earth Day is environmental and climate literacy, which aims to educate individual’s on climate change in order to inspire action towards environmental protection.

There are many events taking place in Toronto (and worldwide), however, you do not need to attend an event in order to get involved.

Here are a few activities that can keep you environment-friendly tomorrow:

  • Walk, cycle or use public transportation
  • plant a tree
  • make a meat-free dinner
  • use a reusable coffee cup or water bottle
  • take a tote bag shopping
  • recycle! recycle! recycle!

Engaging in such activities this Earth Day is a step towards a sustainable future!