Cecil L. Rotenberg, Q.C.

Thank You! – Mario D. Bellissimo, C.S.

I thank Cecil L. Rotenberg, Q.C.  I thank him for his ideals. I thank him for being a lawyer and for being my mentor.  He was counsel to our firm for many years and he and I co-counseled on many cases together.  Even though he lived a long life, it is difficult to say good bye. Cecil (as he would want to be referred to) had a hunger for justice that was contagious and inspiring.   He was passionate for those he loved, for life and in particular the law.  He deeply understood human dynamics and empowered those around him with a simple gesture and a smile.

Cecil was a teacher. He willingly shared his knowledge and, in my personal experience with him, there was always something to learn. It has been said that a teacher affects eternity and one cannot know where the influence stops. With all of his family, friends, colleagues and the thousands of people that call Canada home because of his good work, his influence will span many generations.  That is a really special legacy.

In life we are fortunate to find someone eager to listen, eager to learn, and willing to try new things. To believe in you, to guide you, make you a better person as well as a better lawyer, and to open doors that others cannot or will not.  That was Cecil for me. That is irreplaceable.

We at Bellissimo Law Group will strive to do our small part in continuing his legacy and good work.

Cecil L. Rotenberg’s Biography