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Urgent Immigration Cases

Facing a negative decision, or an upcoming hearing with a limited time to act?

Are you facing immediate deportation?

Has a family member, employee or friend been arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency?

If you, a family member, or an employee has had an application refused, are facing allegations of admissibility, are facing deportation, or is detained, time is of the essence. There are limitation periods that need to be followed in order to preserve the person’s rights. The first step is to make an immediate call. One of the benefits for clients of Bellissimo Law Group is that we are a large legal team that has dealt with thousands of cases like yours. What does that mean for you, your family, or an employee?

We can act fast and effectively! Yet, we depend on you to put us and you in a position to succeed. There are two things you will need to bring to the consultation and/or have on hand for that emergency call:

  1. The Refusal Letter, Notice, Report, or Direction from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA); and
  2. Copies of the application concerned and any prior communications from the government pertaining to the matter (i.e., letters, email, etc.) and/or the eight-digit client ID number

Timeline/Limitation Period –There are time limits within which legal rights have to be exercised. With the information provided at our consultation we can quickly identify how quickly we will need to act.

Refused Applications – The refusal decision may be made by officers in Canadaoroverseas.The location of the refusal, whether it was made by immigration orcitizenship officials changes the deadlines for challenging the decision.  Different limitation periods apply – 15, 30 or 60 days, within which the decision must be challenged. This is critical to understanding the timeline under which we are operating.

Deportations – If the Direction to Report for removal has already been issued, we know the exact timeline for removal. From this, we can plan a strategy to seek to defer removal with the Canada Border Services Agency and/or to stay removal with the Federal Court of Canada.

Detentions – If someone is detained, there is generally a timeline for the review of detention. In most cases there will be a review 48 hours after the detention, another in 7 days, then every 30 days thereafter. In some cases, it may be possible to move a deadline forward.

PROVIDE THE FULL FILE: Always provide us with a copy of the entire file, including all materials filed on behalf of the person concerned, all materials received from the government, and all communications. It is important that we are able to review all of the documentation that is in your possession; we will take steps to access immigration, citizenship, refugee, or CBSA files, and to preserve legal rights, stop deportation, or seek a release from immigration detention. In cases of this nature time really can make a difference, so do not delay in seeking legal assistance.