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Medical Inadmissibility

Has your immigration case been refused because of medical inadmissibility?
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Bellissimo Law Group PC we specialize in immigration medical inadmissibility cases.

Who can be found to be medically inadmissible?

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act sets out that a foreign national, which is anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, can be found to be medically inadmissible on 1 of 3 separate grounds:

  • They are likely to be a danger to public health;
  • They are likely to be a danger to public safety; or
  • They might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services.

What does it mean to be “a danger to public health” or “a danger to public safety”?

Assessments of whether or not a medical condition is likely to cause a danger to public health generally require consideration of factors such as the communicability of the disease and/or the impact it could have on persons living in Canada (see section 31 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations). Examples of conditions that fit within this description and have resulted in medical inadmissibility include Pulmonary Tuberculosis and untreated syphilis.

Assessments of danger to public safety take account of whether or not the medical condition may result in sudden incapacity, or unpredictable or violent behaviour. Inadmissibility could result from diagnosis of certain impulsive sociopathic behaviour disorders or some aberrant sexual disorders, such as pedophilia.

What is excessive demand?

Determinations of inadmissibility for excessive demand can result from 1 of 2 separate assessments: 1) the foreign national’s need for medical services will negatively affect current wait times in Canada for said services; or 2) the services required to treat and manage the foreign national’s health condition will cost more than 3 times the Canadian per capita cost for health and social services over a 5-year period (or 10, if significant costs are likely to be incurred). For reference, the cost of health and social services for the average Canadian was determined to be $6, 604 in 2018. 

Importantly, the cost threshold was formerly based on the Canadian per capita cost alone. This means that, if in 2018 the services to treat and manage the foreign national’s health condition cost more than $6, 604, that migrant would be inadmissible. On 1 June 2018, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen signed into effect the Temporary Public Policy Regarding Excessive Demand on Health and Social Services, which increased the existing cost threshold to three times the average Canadian cost. A full discussion of this policy is available on our blog, here. This means that the “cost threshold” has been set at $19, 812 per year, or $99, 060 over 5 years.

The Temporary Public Policy Regarding Excessive Demand on Health and Social Services additionally amended the definition of “social services”, limiting medical assessments of excessive demand to only those publicly funded social services that are related to health services and/or the provision of continual supervision and care. As a result of these changes social services that will no longer be included in determinations of inadmissibility include special education services and social and vocational rehabilitation services. Be mindful though not all social services are exempted.

One further consideration for assessments of excessive demand for foreign nationals hoping to settle in Ontario. At the end of October 2017, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced that as of 1 January 2018, all babies, children and youth, up to 24 years who have OHIP coverage will be covered by OHIP+. Enrollment in OHIP+ will be automatic and all eligible medications will be covered at no cost if they are available through the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program. As a result, the costs associated with medication for children will now likely be factored into medical admissibility assessments. For more information, please read our blog post on these changes, here.

How is cost assessed?

Foreign nationals hoping to travel and/or migrate to Canada must undergo an immigration medical examination, pursuant to subsection 16(2)(b) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, unless they are exempt under section 30(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. An assessment of admissibility is then provided to the officer processing the application by a medical officer who has reviewed this exam. The officer will consider this assessment and decide if the foreign national’s health condition falls within the parameters for inadmissibility set out above. Before a decision is made on admissibility, the foreign national should be provided with an opportunity to respond via a procedural fairness letter.

How can Bellissimo Law Group PC help?

Many medical and psychological conditions, including developmental delays, can lead to refusal of an immigration visa or application for permanent residence. It is critical to respond to an officer’s concerns with a medical and legal immigration plan that is well researched, supported and presented in a convincing and substantive manner for the best immigration results.

We work on these plans for medical immigration cases daily with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Immigration Appeal Division and the Federal Courts. We have fought hard, as high as the Supreme Court of Canada, to bring factors considered by officers assessing medical inadmissibility to where they are today, i.e.: taking into account an applicant’s individual circumstances, ensuring consideration of an applicant’s plan to offset any costs and their resources, and ensuring that the appropriate officers undertake the appropriate steps and make decisions they are empowered to make. See Hilewitz, Colaco, Sapru.

We have successfully presented plans for various medical conditions which include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancers
  • Autoimmune Disease, i.e.: HIV, Lupus
  • Learning Disabilities to Pervasive Development Disorder requiring special education
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Hepatitis B and C and Liver Disease
  • Blood Disorders
  • Tuberculosis
  • Brain Disorders
  • Rare Diseases and Conditions
  • Total Knee Replacement

Don’t wait until your immigration visa is refused. Instead, be proactive. If you or your dependent family member has a medical condition, contact us to discuss. Timing is critical as steps can be taken before a decision is made to alter the outcome. At Bellissimo Law Group PC we have litigated medical immigration cases right to the Supreme Court and are responsible for most the cases that have shaped this area of law.  This area of law is extremely complex and good advocacy can be the difference so ensure you are well represented.  Please click below to read what our client’s whom we have assisted with medical cases say.     

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Bellissimo Law has been the greatest help we could have asked for our journey. Our case needed an appeal which was very well organized, documented and presented to the authorities. We received a positive decision on the case all because of the expertise of Mr. Bellissimo and team. Keely and John are great at responding all smart and stupid questions and the team is very prompt to answer emails. They have the entire process streamlined, right from extension to evidences which makes our job easier. We got the quotes from some of the other law firms too who are all good and had lower charges. We chose Bellisimo because they are the best and in the long term a few extra bucks won't matter but the results will. Highly recommended.
Vaibhav Chaturvedi
Vaibhav Chaturvedi
16:51 06 May 19
Our immigration process was handled by Bellissimo Law Group. The first consultation with Mr Bellissimo was very insightful. Ms Keely Anderson was particularly very helpful. She guided us through the process. I will definitely recommend this law firm. They know what they are doing. Thanks once again for guiding us through the process.
Dare Sokoya
Dare Sokoya
19:27 28 Mar 19
I greatly recommend Bellissimo Law Group. After a long time waiting, I will finally be reunited with my son here in Canada. We are very grateful for all the great, very professional services that they have done for my case. My personal thanks to Kelly Anderson and her group. More power to all of you!
michele medalla
michele medalla
23:36 04 Mar 19
I wish I’d found Bellissimo Law 9 years ago before taking the advice of a so called Immigration Consultant who led our family to a very costly near disaster in our quest to immigrate to join our family in Canada. Years later, in desperation, at a Procedural Fairness Letter stage internet research seemed to suggest Bellissimo Law may be the company to deal with our problem. From the first consultation with Bellissimo Law their extremely thorough, very focused telephone interview personified professionalism and reassurance. All subsequent dealings with any member of the team were of the same high standard. It was clear to us that Mario Bellissimo leads from the front and that his staff not only respect him but that they are trained to match his standards and caring approach. I believe it is very important to mention that although they seem expensive, when our particular problem resolved more quickly and easily than anticipated they refunded the money which had not yet been used. Thanks particularly to Keely, our lead person, and to all at Bellissimo. I will always, highly recommend Bellissimo Law. Keep up the good work. In less than 6 months all our worries are over. We are now permanent residents.
Patricia Forsythe
Patricia Forsythe
23:33 22 Mar 19
Very professional and very informative on the phone. Good to see that it is not all about money and more about relationship building. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Atabak Amirabrahimi
Atabak Amirabrahimi
17:19 16 Apr 19
Great service and successfully guided us through the immigration and citizenship processes. Terrific attention to detail, and created a terrific case for our application, which was successfully approved. Attached is a picture with the judge. A wonderful day. So proud to be a Canadian!
Carlos Berber
Carlos Berber
15:45 26 May 19
Bellísimo law group made a dream a reality. They help me throughout the entire process of becoming a Canadian permanent resident. Great service. I will definitely use their services again in the future. Highly recommended
Jose Rendon
Jose Rendon
01:01 29 May 19
We had a fantastic experience with Bellissimo Law Group. From Mr. Bellissimo to the entire staff, in particular Viola Gniadek, were professional, diligent, knowledgeable and available at all times. We thank the entire group for a successful resolution for my friend Catherine. I would highly recommend the firm for any and all of your immigration needs. Thank you all for a job well done!
Liliana Pelech
Liliana Pelech
14:53 01 Jun 19
I sponsored my parents in 2007 and I was refused in 2013 based on medical inadmissibility of my mentally challenged brother. I found Late Mr. Rotenberg as my original lawyer who passed away during the process. I was very disappointed as I was counting on his expertise to help me with my situation. Mr. Bellissimo was God send for me to help me with my case. I am very thankful that he took on my case. His team member Ms. Tamara Thomas worked with me and advised me with regards to the documents that I needed to obtain, they did extensive research on eligibility criteria of various social and health systems. They worked with me on the interview preparation. The time spend working with them was very targeted and very specific to address the Minister's concerns. They ensured there was no further waste in time or any delays. The way they presented my case and helped me win it only a world class Law firm can do that as there were times I was going to lose my hopes. I would totally recommend this law firm to anyone who is going through similar situation as mine with both hands down. Mr. Bellissimo and the team (Ms. Tamara Thomas) you guys are amazing and thank you so much again for reuniting me with my family in my beautiful dream country Canada.
Irshad Khan
Irshad Khan
17:46 04 Jun 19
They’re very professional and the advice was given 100% accurate. The lawyer Justin Toh didn’t rush at all. He took the time to answer all our questions in details. I’m very happy with their service.
Shah Alam
Shah Alam
21:15 09 Jul 19