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June 1, 2015

Announcement of New Publication: Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Inadmissibility – Immigration Practitioner Edition

Posted by Jessica Templeman - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Bellissimo Law Group is incredibly excited to announce the release of Mr. Bellissimo’s new book entitled Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Inadmissibility – Immigration Practitioner Edition. This unique publication offers extensive practical guidance for navigating the rapidly expanding legal landscape of citizenship and immigration inadmissibility law, in part by combining, summarizing and analyzing hundreds of decisions and key legislation.  It speaks in practical terms to the key statutory framework, emerging trends, relevant leading case law, and offers practical tips, key memoranda and sample submissions.  This new publication is a necessity for all counsel assisting clients with immigration and citizenship matters. Notably, this book may be used as either a standalone or in conjunction with Mr. Bellissimo’s two volume Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Inadmissibility Law, 2nd Edition.

It has been a pleasure to assist on these large legal research and writing projects that we hope readers will find invaluable to their respective practices.    

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