March 23, 2020

BLG PC Remains Open During COVID-19 Pandemic. The World of Immigration Does Not Stop- We are a Phone Call/Email Away!

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

At this unprecedented time in our lives, well perhaps excepting those 570,000 or so centenarians that were alive during the Spanish Flu, the daily flow of information is dispiriting and overwhelmingly negative. Fortunately, here at Bellissimo Law Group PC, we are continuing to operate thanks to our technical abilities that allow us to work remotely and yet remain in constant contact with our clients and staff. 

We remain just a phone call or email away. 

To best serve our current and future clients, we have kept up to date with the latest Canadian immigration, citizenship, and protected person developments as well as developments related to border crossings, and labour market impact assessments. Also, any notices we receive from the Immigration and Refugee Board, as well as the Federal Courts, will be communicated.  

I will generally refer to all these areas under the umbrella term “immigration.” Please click on our Twitter feed or Facebook page for the latest immigration updates. 

We are very proud of our staff that despite the challenges we are all currently facing, we have maintained our regular business hours and continue to serve our clients while doing our best to keep our staff safe during this time. In turn, we remain focused on advancing our client matters as well as speaking with new clients daily. 

Bellissimo Law Group PC echoes the voice of many, urging all to adhere to the public health guidelines and avoid panic as we do our part to stem the spread. Unfortunately, the public health officials anticipate the number of cases to continue to rise for some time in Canada as well as many other countries. The world feels like it is on a pause, yet daily essentials must be met. It is an incredible challenge. 

We all have so many questions during this time.  

When will this end? How will we remain safe? How will the world recover physically, emotionally, and financially and in our corner of the world, what are the immigration implications – both short term and long term? These are just a few of the many questions.  

No one can presume to know at this juncture as we work through the endless implications of what is unfolding before us. One thing we do know is that immigration remains a lifeblood of Canada both now and into the future. That will not change.   

To this end, at Bellissimo Law Group PC, we will do our utmost to communicate the breaking news to keep you informed about the latest Canadian immigration updates. We continue our work each day and recognize this may be an essential time where individuals require assistance on an immigration matter or an opportunity for some to consider options a few months down the road. There will be an inevitable rush of those needing services once the world resumes full international and domestic movement. If you are in a position to do so, this is a good time to explore those plans and any immigration options for you and/or your family. Either way, feel confident that you can reach out to us. Please read some of my other blogs on this topic, including: 

Thank you for reading and wishing you and your loved one’s health and strength during this time.